Arctic Monkeys

I’ve recently bought the Arctic Monkey’s new album AM. And might I say it has got to be the best album I’ve heard in a long while.

This is the 5th studio album from Arctic Monkeys and I have to admit before this album I wasn’t all to familiar with they’re music.  It’s not until I stumbled across “Do I wanna Know” on tumblr one day that I thought to myself  “hey they sound just my type” and then I heard “Why’d You Only Call Me When You High?” and then of course “R U Mine” I’m not sure how the wonderful bloggers of tumblr got the tracks earlier than their release date but I’m glad they did as hearing them 3 songs convinced me to buy the album, which was probably been the £7.99 I’ve spent on an album.

   I was expecting them all to sound quite similar but upon hearing the tracks I realised that in fact they’re not and that they all have an individual quality to them. If I have to describe the album sound in one word and being brutally honest I’d say “dark”. I know that’s not very helpful but I genuinely can’t explain it. I’m not sure whether it’s my love for Alex Turner but I just find it has a certain ‘sex appeal’ to it, if that’s the right way to put it?  That’s the only way I can truly describe what I mean by it. Nevertheless It’s one of my top 5 albums this year.

I hate choosing favourite songs from such amazing albums, I’m a bit of a wuss and feel bad for all the other songs, ( as if they’re actually people with feelings) but if i had to choose, apart from the 3 I mentioned earlier that are released it would have to be between “Arabella” and “Snap Out Of It”.

I’m a bit of a sucker for a noticeable drum beat in a song ( that may or may not make sense to you) which is probably what draws me in to “Arabella”. However “Snap Out Of It” captures my attention for a completely different reason, from the beginning the tempo is quite slow but towards to chorus it gains speed into the extremely catchy chorus. As once said In the song Nigg*s in Paris “It’s get the people going”

I hope you’ve enjoyed my poorly explained review, as I’m no good with technical words (as of yet, I’m learning) I’ll get there soon! But if you haven’t already bought the album please do, it wouldn’t be nominated as 2013’s best album from mercury for no reason now would it?

What do you think of this amazing album, have you bought it? are you going to?

Chloe.. 🙂

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