London Fashion Week

As I’m sure most of you are aware, London Fashion Week started on Friday, which made me a very happy girlie…
  So today I thought I’d take advantage of the horrible rainy weather and sit and watch the live streams of some of the shows. (as I’m not important enough to actually be invited)
The first one I sat and watched was the Mulberry show. Wow. What a collection, I’m so excited for next year and hopefully get my hands on some of the collection.
Floral patterns was the main look in this collection; the dresses,coats,and trousers, you name it, the floral pattern was there…
My two favourite looks from this collection are shown below:
The first one in this floral dress,I love this dress just because of the simplicity of it, there’s no extravagant design just pure elegance, It could be dressed up or dress down but either way would still look flawless.. and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t where dresses very often especially when they’re white.
My second is this two piece modelled by the wonderful Cara Delevingne. At first I wasn’t sure whether I genuinely liked the piece or because it was modelled by one of my idols, however the more I looked at it the more I appreciated the monochrome floral patterns. Anyone who knows me knows that I shy away from colour and that my wardrobe is mainly full of black t-shirts, and this two piece is definitely something I would like to add too it.
The Second show I sat and watched was the Topshop Unique SS14 show. This was the show I’ve been most looking forward too, as the collection never fails to amaze me. 
I found the majority of the collection had an asymmetric pattern to them, which obviously you would expect to be a bold move to wear, however the models worked them with grace, enough to make me 100% sure that I will buy into the look next year.
I instantly fell in love with this dress when I saw it, which is obviously a good thing as like I’ve said I’m not a big dress lover. I love the swing style dresses as they cover a lot, as someone who’s not very body confident I don’t like figure hugging items of clothes, so the swing tops and dresses are a No.1 in my wardrobe this summer (and next summer) as I find them very comfortable and flattering. However I find most of these dresses to be very bland, yet the one shown above has that asymmetric pattern I was talking about which makes it a lot more bold, but not only that, the metallic side panels make it a distinctive item of clothing that can’t be a miss to the general public.
It wasn’t hard however because I’m a big Topshop fanatic, but I also fell in love with these shorts. (once again modelled by the amazing Cara delevingne) This summer all I’ve seen is girls walking around in either; A) tight leather hot pants with their bums hanging out. 
or B) Tight denim jean shorts with their bums hanging out.
I know this might appeal to some people it doesn’t appeal to me and I found it increasingly hard to find a pair of shorts that didn’t make my bum cheeks hang out, but now I think I’ve found the perfect pair. Not only do they cover my derriére they also are a loose soft fit perfect for the summer sun when walking along the beach. I can also imagine the loose material also helps when you’ve got incredibly painful sunburn from having fair skin like me!
They are unfortunately the only ones with live streams that I managed to see but I’m sure I’ll be able to see more over the next few days.. (I’m sure I’ll be able to get the life streams on my phone to watch during class)

What were some of your favourite outfits from any of the collections you’ve seen? I’d love to know!! 
Bye for now 🙂 

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