Fashion Week Round Two

Another day of London Fashion week is over, and between lessons I managed to sneakily watch two shows today while at sixth form…

The first show I watched was Marios Schwab and I have to say I was extremely impressed with the collection.. Even if I did have a fellow student yapping on in my ear… clearly doesn’t appreciate such amazing talent, however I was pleased that I managed to get her to sit through it!

 I firstly fell in love with this dress below… As I’ve mentioned before I do prefer dark coloured clothing, so being navy blue it was obviously going to appeal to me. I personally found the little rips on the dress a great addition to it, and added a lot of character to it.

Towards the end of the show the dresses became more formal and this one instantly captured my heart, the different coloured layers of the dress blend so smoothly together and just appeared to so elegant and graceful while being worn down the catwalk, I can imagine the loose material would be perfect in the summer, and would look amazing dressed up for an evening out.

With great difficulty, after being bombarded by a load of my fellow friends I finally managed to find a somewhat peaceful room with only 3 other people to sit down and watch the Burberry show.
For me Burberry is an iconic British brand and was a highly anticipated show, so of course upon finding out it was being put on a live stream I was ecstatic and was going to do everything in my right mind to not miss this show!
The set had a beautiful layout, simple and elegant. Of course before the show started I managed to see a few celebrity guests arriving, which included the amazing harry styles looking flawless (as per usual) in burberry.
Before I go off on a tangent about how amazing I thought he looked (I am biased I always think that) I would like to say how amazing every single item of clothing in the collection was. I fell in love with everything.
Surprisingly one of my favourite outfits from the show was this pastel pink two piece modelled by the gorgeous Cara Delevingne, not only did I fall in love with that, but the shoes also. As I have quite fair skin, I believe that pastel colours in the summer always look amazing, and Cara proved that today!
As I’ve mentioned before I love monochrome colours and this top is perfect, I would snap this up in an instant. I love blouses at the minute so when I saw this I got a little bit excited. I love the bold polka dots it makes a great statement especially teamed up with that skirt.

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