The 1975

 Another album I’ve recently bought is the 1975’s self titled album.  Since they released their single “chocolate” I have been listening to their songs excessively, and when I found out the release date of their album I was thrilled. I think the majority of my friends and family even new about it.
  I’m not sure whether it was the beautiful talented Matt Healy that kept me engaged in their music career or whether it was the contagious song Chocolate, however I don’t think I’ll be leaving my love for them behind, anytime soon.

The album debuted at no.1 in the UK on September 8th which was very well deserved. All 16 tracks are cleverly written. Obviously Chocolate is what gave them their big break, proving themselves as artists, not pop singers. Most people would assume they’re just another indie rock band, however I find this album proves this otherwise. Songs such as Chocolate and The City don’t just have a heavy guitar image, but have dabbles of synthetic pop chords whereas the track M.O.N.E.Y hears the one and only (beautiful) Matt Healy’s playing around with robotic vocals over light R&B claps.
Another one of my favourites is “Girls” the infectious pop intro instantly attracts me to the song, being the pop lover I am. I’m sure in weeks to come people will grow to love the song as much as me and be a big success.
Sorry this one was shorter than the arctic monkey’s review… currently at school having writers block, ( or it could be that I’m listening to the 1975 and getting carried away singing and dancing to apologise here is a great photo of Matthew Healy to brighten up you day)

What’s your favourite track from the album? or of any of their ep’s ? 🙂

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