New Year New me?

At the end of every year when i’m scrolling through Facebook it’s inevitable that i’m going to see hundreds of posts saying ‘new year new me’ when we all know after a month of exercising and eating healthy they give up. I for one, am accustomed to that!

 This upcoming year is going to very exciting and as cliche as it sounds ‘life changing’. 
I have lots of concerts, I think 1 a month to attend with my friends but not only that it’s my last year of sixth form before I set off to the big one (university). I’ll have lots of exams and coursework I’ll be pre-occupied with, but I am going to make sure I stick with this blog… properly this time!!
One exciting thing that’s happening is my girls holiday to Ayia Napa in July which I can’t wait for! 
The whole purpose of this post is to publicly announce my new years resolutions. I figured if I write them where everyone can see I have no choice but too stick with them!
This first is an obvious one… I think it’s every teenage girls’ but here I am joining the band wagon.
Resolution 1: Get my ‘Beach Body’.
 Every single one of my friends has the perfect figure so I am determined to get mine for our girly holiday so I don’t stick out too much like a sore thumb

Resolution 2: Keep Track of My Money
I spend far too much money on clothes and make up, when I don’t really need it! So I’m going to set up a few savings account one for my holiday, and one to save for university.

Resolution 3: Persevere with this blog!
I’ve always wanted to have a blog, and I thought wanting to go into the radio industry and going into university next year would be the perfect time to start one. However I tend to lack motivation when it comes to writing new things, as you may know from the lack of posts I have. But I will post more and hopefully gain more followers I can speak too. 🙂

There my top 3.. I will probably find more stuff that I want to do, but for now that’s it! For the first time I WILL stick with them. 

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