Rain Rain Rain


We are 3 days into January and of course it’s raining. Meaning I’ll be staying inside for the day… what does this mean? Be productive and do lots of school work? Of course not, what better way to spend your day other than online shopping?

As I get EXTREMELY claustraphobic when there’s lots of people around, as you can imagine, I am the worst person to go sale shopping with. I tried earlier on this morning… and left after 10 minutes. I get far too flustered and frustrated. So I came home and got my trusted laptop out to do some online shopping instead.

  I admit I spent way to much on boohoo.com but I had a 20% off code to use as well as the 75% sale at hand. I was also luckily enough to win a £50 Topshop voucher earlier on this week too so that went down a treat.

 The only downfall I find the online shopping is sizes. I’m different sizes in nearly every shop I go in so it’s trial and error when it comes to buying online, I just guess and hope for the best.
  And I hate waiting… I’m so impatient, especially when it comes to clothes. I just love trying them on and finding outfits ect. But it’s the price I pay for not wanting to go out in the rain and rummage through racks of clothes to find an nice outfit, that doesn’t even fit when I try it on.

I’m going to take some photo’s and upload them all and show you my new outfits and bits and pieces i’ve bought my self!


‘New year. New me.’ More like … ‘New Year.New Wardrobe!’

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