Midnight Memories

As you all probably know, i’m a huge one direction geek. So it would be silly of me not to review their latest album Midnight Memories.

As a fan, my opinion is very clear… it’s absolutely amazing and I love it. But i’m going to review from a ‘normal’ persons perspective and forget that I am a not so secret ‘fan girl’.
On the months leading up to the release of the album, the boys described the album as a more ‘rockier and edgier’ album. However they also said that their second album ‘Take me home’ was going to be slightly more edgier, so I wasn’t quite sure what to believe. Upon hearing the album I was surprised to find that it did intact have a much more edgier tone to it. With heavy guitars and anthemic choruses it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser in the stadiums this year!
Not only does it have a slight rock edge to it, but on some of the acoustic tracks such as ‘Happily’ and ‘Through the dark’ it has a folk tempo to it, influenced by contemporary artists such as Mumford and Sons and The Lumineers.
They were granted a lot more freedom this time when it came to writing the songs themselves. 15/18 (deluxe album) songs had at least one of them working along side the co writers they worked with. They had worked along side incredible song writers such as the boys of McFly, Ryan Tedder and even Gary Lightbody! 
 I found having the boys more heavily involved in the song writing gave the lyrics more depth and meaning to them, which also allows fan to feel more of a connection to them as they feel it’s more of the boys true feelings. It also allowed them to develop themselves as a group more and show that they’re not just some pop boyband of the X factor, and that they want to be taken seriously. 
They even nearly had a swear word in their song ‘Midnight Memories’. 
”Same old shhh but a different day” I’m afraid that’s the closest were going to get to a 
‘Daring direction’ for now. (thats was so terribly cheesy it hurts, my sincerest apologies) 
chlo xo

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