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Never been one to obsess over January Sales, mainly because I never had any money, but this year I did! I desperately needed new clothes too, so why not kill two birds with one stone ey? 
I’m a little bit in love with ‘’ at the moment. Some of their items are very good quality at a low price, so this is where I spent most of my money (and time).
Here’s some of things I bought:
As i’m in 6th form we have to wear smart office wear so blazers are a very handy thing to have! However i’m not very adventurous with colour, I stick with black 90% of the time. So when I saw this, I really liked the bold flowers and thought I should be more experimental. It turns out I love it, it’s such a lovely crop fit, and even has small shoulder pads!

                                                        Pleated Waist Retro Print Skater Skirt

I’m not a skirt person in the slightest, I never really have been! But I saw this and I love the bold retro patterns it has! Paired with a plain black top it’s a real statement! As it’s high waisted it’s very slimming also. I’ve fallen in love with it completely!
I’m also not someone who wears a lot of dresses. I much prefer covering my legs up and wearing baggy tee’s. However I have a party coming up and one of my new years resolutions is to have more confidence in myself, so I though i’ll join the band wagon and wear a dress! Considering it’s a
bodycon dress I was a bit apprehensive on whether i’d like it on or not! But I do! The high neck gives it a sophisticated yet 90’s look to it, and draws attention to your figure. I found it also clings to the right places ie. bum,boobs and waist. It looks well with a simple necklace, or even a chunky necklace. I’ve found less is more! 

There’s nothing worse than wearing a pair of leggings and your pants showing through them! It’s just a big no! Which is why i’ve fallen in love with ‘treggings’ at the moment, they’re not thin enough to be leggings yet not the thickness and material of trousers (which is a bonus as technically we can wear them to school). It wasn’t until after purchase that I noticed I bought them in navy, however you can’t really tell unless you look up close! The one thing I love about these is you can pair them with pretty much any top and it will look fine, (because your pants aren’t showing) 
As you may have now guessed, I love these high neck tops/dresses at the moment. Not only are they warm in the winter I just think they look great! This is such a simple top/dress which you can either dress up or down. Pairing it with some tights or leggings and a few jewellery items would really make a statement out of it!

Since the summer I have been wanting one of these swing tops! As i’ve said I’m not a big fan of tight fitting clothing so these look and fit perfect, if you’re anything like me! They’re so comfy and you’re not restricted in movement at all, however they are slightly low cut, so if you’ve got a big bust, then try to not bend down so much!

I love chunky shoes. I can’t walk in heels and I’m not a huge fan of trainers, I love a nice pair of black ankle boots (as black goes with pretty much everything). When I came across these I had no hesitation in whether or not I wanted to buy them, it was love at first sight. In fact they were the first thing I put on when they arrived (and I don’t think i’ve took them off yet). They add an edge to any outfit you’re wearing, and they also go with pretty much everything. (that i’ve wore anyway) If you like shoes like this I would definitely recommend these, they’re an unbelievable fit, I’ve had no blisters, and no stubbed toes! 
As soon as I saw this I loved it! I think it’s very 90s style (which I love) and can be paired with a variety of outfits to add a rocky edge to it! The tartan adds a bit of colour and a bold statement to whatever outfit you’re wearing. I’ve paired this up with my high neck black dress, that I talked about up above! 
I’ve wanted some timberland boots for a long while now, however finances are very short at the moment so while browsing boohoo and came across these, I saw a slight resemblance and decided to buy them! With the colder weather coming up the fur lining keeps my feet nice and toasty, they look great with a pair of cute bottoms and a nice warm coat! 
Now onto Topshop:


I’ve wanted a wrap skirt for a while, I had one not long ago but it didn’t fit too well. I loved the floral patterns on this skirt, they’re not too bold but still noticeable! One of the bonuses with this skirt is there is no zip on the back! I hate zips, especially on a night out, i’m the least ladylike person so I find it physically impossible to do the zip up the normal way! It’s a very slimming fit, obviously black is the colour for that, but the wrap also hides any bits you’re not too confident about!


I’ve seen a few people in these type of shirts and I thought they looked great. However I was always unsure whether or not they would suit me, but I saw this in the sale and took the plunge! Turns out I love it. You can either wear it done up as a top or leave it undone with a simple top underneath just as a layer. It’s a silk styled material which makes it extremely comfortable to wear!
They do have matching trousers, however i’m not sure if i’m brave enough to try the matching combo yet! Maybe another time!
& Finally, New Look.

As i’ve said blazers are a necessity for sixth form really, however I sometimes find myself feeling a bit restricted in them. I came across this cardigan styled blazer and decided to purchase it. It’s very loose fitting and comfortable, as it’s in a plain colour you can wear it over almost any outfit, just to add a bit more of a sophistication to it!
Back to the dark colours! I was totally drawn in by the leather sleeves on this t-shirt. If i’m honest that’s what sold it too me, it looked very edgy and I already new I could make a few outfits out of it! When trying it on, I was amazed at what a great fit it was, it’s not too overbearing and baggy to hide your figure, but it’s not tight and shows off everything you don’t want it too! It hangs nicely around the belly but fits nicely round the chest, and one of my overall favourite purchases!
That’s it for now, on my january sale shop!
Is there anything here you might buy yourself ?(i’ve included the links) 
What have you treated yourself in the sales this year? Let me know.
Chloe X

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