Room Re-vamp

So for the past 3 years I’ve been trying to persuade my mum to let me redecorate my room as it always looks really unfinished, this time it worked! It’s a complete transformation, I wish I had took before photographs but I totally forget. However I thought i’d upload a few snaps of how it is now!

My Back Wall

This is my wall that my bed’s against (as you can see) before hand it was just a plain white wall, with a lot of one direction posters on, however I wanted a more ‘sophisticated approach’ to my room. I’d be the last person you’d expect to have pink in her room, however I thought it looked cute and pretty having a pastel pink so I thought i’d go out of my comfort zone and take a risk. I then found these cute accessories and wanted to space them out just too add a little personality to it.

The other wall… ?
This wall previously had a horrific black and white wall paper on, that was just too much. It had to go, So we ripped it all off and just painted it white, it’s made my room look so much bigger and cleaner. I recently received a record player that I love but didn’t have any records (didn’t even know the record player worked) but my mum found a load of her old records in our attic so we thought it’d add some character by pinning them on the wall, unfortunately it means I can’t listen to these ones, but I made sure I kept my favourite ones down.
The dreaded bay window
I have always hated this bay window, It was such a waste of space, I could never do anything with it! Until me and mum had a brainwave and decided to turn it into a desk… one side for my makeup the other for study. Extremely practical and very convenient, It didn’t take too much work to create either, especially with my granddad on board!
So this side of my desk is for study, I’ve got a few little magazine files to keep my school books in, and every things really neat and organised… (not sure how long for though).
You may also notice two little jars, I found this idea on tumblr (terribly cliche I know) but one jar is a memory jar and one is a wish jar. It is what it says it is really. I write all my memories and keep it one jar and the same with the wish jar, then at the end of the year i’ll take it out and see how much has changed and what i’ve achieved. I love cute little things like this, I may keep up with it, I may not. But who knows?
This side of my desk as you can see is for my cosmetics. Never in a million years did I expect my mum to allow me to have all my make up on show, but somehow she did! This how i’ve always wanted my set up, and there’s complete natural lighting so no make up disasters!
Obviously I couldn’t fit all my cosmetics on the desk so 
we found a cute little bookcase that fits perfectly underneath the desk to store the rest!
This wall looks extremely boring however it’s not done! This is going to be my photo wall as you’ve probably guessed! Especially when I get my polaroid i’ll be sticking all my photo’s up for my memories! 
Hope you’ve enjoyed the little insight into my room revamp. It looks so much better than before and I have a proper desk now to blog from! YAY! 

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