So as I mentioned, I went to the 5SOS on Sunday evening, and it was the greatest concert I think I’ve been too!
It wasn’t until 20 minutes or so before hand that I finally decided to go, I was feeling a little apprehensive. I am so so glad I went however! We knew that the que was already extremely long so we just tagged along and was queuing up from about 5’oclock. 
 It was pouring with rain and we had two umbrella’s for the 4 of us! To keep us in good spirits we decided to play a game we called ” I am thinking of…” Where we proceed to think of a specific Item in a certain category and the rest has to guess, for example. “I am thinking of a certain fruit” and then we have to guess what fruit someone is thinking off. It kept us quite entertained in the que to say the least!
The doors eventually opened at 7pm and we eventually got in the nice and warm. We were pretty near the back of the room, so my view was slightly restricted due to my extreme shortness! 
The support act was none other than: Mike Dignam he’s an amazing artist, and there was even people on the streets afterwards handing out CD’s. Everyone go and listen to him, because he is amazing!
5SOS finally came on opening the show with one of their newest hits “Eighteen” ( I would say a personal favourite… but they all are) 
This is a photo of the set list!
It was so good, there were a few songs I wish they’d had sang, but the new ones were amazing! ( I had done my lyric research before hand so I wasn’t standing there clueless)
The concert was so electric, and despite a massive sign going up in front of me now and again, I ended up having a pretty good view! I managed to get some okay snaps,(just from my iPhone) and some videos that I’ll add below! 
They really know how to put on a good show and get everyone going, I really hope they get the success they deserve as a band, not just because of them being pals and support acts of One Direction (that is a bonus though)
I had such an amazing night, even if my friend did loose her pandora ring and we had to look around the floor for it afterwards! (we eventually found it)
The guys have also just announced they’re One Directions support act again, for the Where We Are Tour, but for North America… I hope they are for UK too, but I don’t think they will! I have an Idea that It may be Emblem 3? (that’s another story though)
Hope you liked this post… and I apologise for the bad quality of pictures too ( iPhone and long distance =blurry pics)

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