One of my funniest nights ever..

If you’re a fan of lion king, you will also enjoy this post.

So last night me and my friend went to go see Jack Whitehall at the NIA in Birmingham. Oh My. Was it the funniest night of my life. I have loved Jack for a while now, so when the tickets were released last year I had snatched them up straight away, and boy was it worth the year wait! 
 Within the first 5 minutes of the show starting I was already in stitches – and this was just the opening video. Was it the sarcastic ‘tragic childhood’ re-enactment that had me crying? no. It was his dad swinging on a ‘wrecking ball’. 
 The stage was set in the round, we were lucky enough to have amazing seats! 
How did Jack enter on stage you ask? No other than a Segway, how else would a 25 year old male enter a stage? Jack ‘travelled’ on his Segway between all the seats on the floor while throwing confetti. I admit, I have never seen an entrance like it! 
So of course the show finally started and Jack proceeded to tell us all of his comical life stories, which have the tears streaming down my face. However my favourite segment of the night will have to be #gotitwronggottabestrong where Jack gives us his best advice on how to recover from an incident that wasn’t supposed to happen with our head held high. If you remember that motto your set for life. 
  There was also a surprise guest during the night? His dad? A fellow friend? no. A butterfly. 
A little butterfly decided to make an appearance on stage with Jack, which ended up with Jack frolicking around stage (even more than usual) to catch this butterfly, and eventually setting it free into the wild. (yes he jumped down from the stage and ran out to the back to free this butterfly) 
  Now you’re probably wondering where the lion king comes into this? Throughout the night Jack made many reference to the lion king and the tragic story it really is. He is so passionate about this story that he even invented a way to prevent stampedes killing poor Lions (in a cartoon movie).
  So not only was he sporting a #PRAY4theking during the second half of his show, but he even paid a tribute to the film at the end of the show. Which included him changing into a lion outfit, running off stage to find a stampede of antelopes heading towards him, setting up his new trap to save the lion (himself) running back on stage, and climbing up a ladder to safety!
As I previously mentioned we had pretty amazing seats! No, we weren’t technically front row, but we were. We were front row of Block K… Seats 18&19… but as it was set in the round that was closer than we originally anticipated, our seats were located right on the gap between the front two blocks. ( This won’t make any sense until you see the pictures) but my point is, that when ever he entered of left the stage he had to walk/jog/skip/frolic past us!


Above are a few snaps I took while filming his exit!!

And this is the video of him leaving stage and coming right past us! 

It was such an amazing night, and he is truly fantastic, I left the arena with tears streaming down my face, he is truly a natural. Even if he did forget one of his jokes. I will 1000% be going to see him again next time he’s in town! And I really recommend going to see him when he’s near you too!

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