My Trip To London

I would just like too apologise in advance for the awful quality of photos.. i’m not sure what setting my camera was on when I took them, but it was a bad one.

So you’ve probably guessed but I visited London over the weekend (well just saturday 22nd) for an early birthday treat. (The big 18 on tuesday). I went along with my best chum Fia, and my mum and nan.  My nan and mum went off on their own due to their hate for shopping.. never mind shopping in london, on Oxford Street.

But of course, when you leave to 18 year old girls (well nearly) alone to roam London, the first place we’re obviously going to visit is Oxford Street.
 However I managed to restrain myself and not go crazy on spending… 
Yep. Came back with only 4 bags!

The first shop I actually bought something in was of course Lush. I can’t not walk past that shop and not go in, and I can’t go into that shop without buying something, so I was doomed from the start really. I think I spent a good 10 minutes in this shop deciding what to actually buy!
I eventually chose… and came out with 3 lovely lush products 🙂

The First Being:
Space Girl Bath Ballistic

I currently have an awful cold and never been the best at describing smells, however
 I will try my best.
The space girl is a very sweet smell, I feel like i’m in a candy shop when sticking my nose in the bag to get a proper smell. It’s a bit like those Palma violets we all used to love! (we all did right?) 
It also has little glitter on the red side of the ‘spaceship’ so i’ll either be slightly sparkly, or look like Edward Cullen when getting out of the bath. Either way, super excited to use it!
The Second Being:
Rose Queen Bath Ballistic:

The name says it all really, it’s a fresh rose smell! If i’m honest i’m not a massive fan of rose, I find it too strong, however as spring is here, I decided to be brave and try it out! It’s not as strong smelling as other rose products, it’s quite a mellow smell!
And last but not least:
Rose Bubble Bar

Once again it’s rose! As I said i’m not a big fan of rose… but it seems that lush’ rose smelling items are lovely! I thought this was such a cute bubble bar. It’s such a soft smooth texture, and very glittery, so i’m sure i’ll be all glittery when I finish in my bath!
So after my lovely time in lush we moved on and ‘Accidentally’ came to where Victoria’s Secret was hiding. And one knows you can’t just simply not enter that shop. It’s the queen of all lingerie shops. However we are teens on a budget therefore couldn’t Splash the cash! That didn’t stop us from buying something though. We decided to put our brains together and split the cost of a deal. (5 knickers for £20) We decided Fia would have 3 pairs and I would have 2! I won’t upload a picture as that’s a bit Too personal! So here’s a picture of the pretty bag it came in!
Victoria ‘not so’ secret.

They have a really cool promotion in store at the moment too! If you buy something they give you a free gift card which will have a minimum of £10 on, however, it can have up to £500 on. The card won’t be credited till 31st march and you have till the 29th april to spend it. You will only find out how much you have on the card when you go to purchase something… Looks like another shopping trip too London is in order!
*please be £500* *please be £500*

We then headed off into the direction of Selfridges. I had decided a long time ago that I wanted to try Mac Foundation. But I was always weary because of the price, however I done it. I shouldn’t off but I did. And I bloody love it! I have already tried it out and my skin feels and looks so good! It is definitely worth the price!
So once I spent a considerate amount on a bottle of foundation.. I decided I need to go somewhere that won’t bankrupt me. Where else better to go than…

As I have a few holiday approaching, I thought I’d look for a nice bikini. I instantly fell in love with this one. The bright tropical colours look so old school and retro and as I have very pale skin I thought it would look so cute with pale or tanned skin!
I’m not a pink type of person, but I love this, and I’m in love with the colour yellow too!

I have a slight obsession with rings, I feel naked when I’m not wearing lots of rings so of course when I finally found some midi rings.. in small! I couldn’t pass up the offer! They all have little gems with a tint of colour, I can’t make out the exact colours, as they change in different lights!
This necklace I have seen on loads of people and I love it! I also have a love for statement necklaces, so when I saw this at a good price I had to have it! It will look wicked with just a plain shirt or a t-shirt or anything simple really! Can’t wait to experiment with it!
So that’s everything I bought on oxford street. When we had finished there we decided to visit good old camden! As I have never been and i’ve heard so much about it. At first I was a bit weary of it, I felt a bit out of place but I think that’s the magic of it, right?
We then went for the classic, and decided to stop at the waterloo line, and go visit the london eye. Unfortunately we didn’t actually go on it. I just took a photo of it!

We then took a slow walk over the bridge to look at the ‘view’ (we are 18 I swear.) And took a few snaps there. As it was quite a nice day, it was a really nice walk, even if my feet had started hurting by this point due to all the walking! 
I really wanted to end this post on a positive note. When getting back to marylebone train station we were desperate for a wee, even if it did mean paying 30p. However upon entering the toilet and lovely woman was exiting and insisted paying me and my friend 30p each so we could use the loo, even though we had the money! We were so grateful and thought it was such a lovely gesture! However it doesn’t end there… when I had chose my cubicle to I found this adorable note on the back of the door. Most people will think it’s cheesy however It did make me smile, and thought that too was a lovely gesture. 
  So reflecting on this past week with social media going for ‘no make up selfie’ and the lovely gesture I had been on the receiving end off. I’m going to end this post by saying go out and do something to make someone smile today! Whether donating money to a homeless man, or just asking someone how there day is… manners and politeness doesn’t cost nothing. You could make someone day by doing that! So go out and do it!

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  1. Sophia C. says:

    Enjoyed reading this post so much 🙂

    Sophia from


  2. Thank you!!
    I'm about to take a look at your blog too 🙂 xxx


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