Spring Haul; – Boohoo, Asda, Primark.

So the weathers been cheering up, but my bank account is very feeling sad and empty.
Over the past few weeks I’ve been buying bits and pieces to go towards my spring/summer wardrobe.
I was going to upload lots of little posts every time I had done a little shop but thought I would wait and do one decent sized post!
Due to holiday payments, and bills, and all sorts, I’ve been very short on money, and I know a lot of you guys probably are too, therefore I budgeted my money and found some great deals in lower price shops, with good quality clothes ect!
The first place I started in was Boohoo. Of course! 
My wardrobe is very monochrome, I wanted to add a little bit more colour this spring/summer, as I find in the very hot weather I boil and look ridiculous in all black! So I purchased these cute daisy leggings. Daisies are my ultimate favourite flower… so I fell in love with these and had to buy them. They’re such a comfy fit, even though they’re quite bold, they look cute with a crop top, or a loose tee. Can dress them up or down!
I then came across these shorts! It’s not often that I get my legs out, but I wanted to switch up a bit and these aren’t tight fitting at all, and hang really nice. They’re super soft which is nice if you’re going to be sat down for a lot of the day! I paired these with a plain stroppy top, or once again a loose baggy tee, tucked in!
Buying this dress was a bold move for me, as it’s a colour, it’s pink and it’s a dress. Something I don’t have a lot of, that’s for sure! It’s so loose and once again not tight fitted, so when the weather is hot,you don’t feel all sticky. Looks nice dressed up with tights and heels, or down with leggings and converse. When I worse this to London, I added a gold chain harness to it just for that edge,which looked cute!
I used to love love love jelly shoes. Such a 90s classic, so I couldn’t resist when they’re such a good price. I haven’t wore these yet, and i’m still torn whether it’s acceptable to wear them, if your not at a beach. I’ll get back to you on that. I’m not sure how to style them yet either, so please comment below and leave your views on how you would wear them! 🙂

Whether you’re off to a festival this summer, (must have accessory) or going away for a few days down the coat, a mac will most likely be needed! I’ve wanted one for a while now, and I saw this for such a good price and nabbed it up!  I haven’t wore this yet, however I am off to cornwall next week, so there’s a good chance I’ll be needing it! (hopefully not, let the be sun!)
So the next shop I had a look in, is Asda. Now I didn’t intentionally go to Asda to buy clothes, however as it’s my local supermarket, I always go and have a browse. 9/10 I end up buying something as it amazes me how good the quality/fit their clothes are!
I firstly picked up this cute polka dot pink shirt! I love everything old school and retro, and I saw this and it reminded me of the 80s. Although I recommend wearing a plain bra underneath (or a strappy top) as it’s quite thin, it’s super soft and comfy. There’s a few ways you could wear this top, I like pairing it with my high waisted ‘mum’ jeans, and then tieing the bottom in a not too wear as a crop top! Or could wear it tucked into your favourite bottoms, or just loose over leggings. It’s a versatile shirt that can be worn on most occasions!
This mint green, lace shirt was a must have when I saw it. With mint green being a very popular pastel this season, I had to join in on the trend! As it’s very see through i’d recommend wearing a thin strap top underneath it, or if you’re brave a matching coloured bra! This has really brightened up my wardrobe and can’t wait to get a lot of use out of it!
Denim Shirt! Every girl needs some denim in her life! As much as I love the big denim coats I wanted something a little more lightweight to just throw over some casual outfits. I wear this with most items as you can’t go wrong! Especially when it’s too warm to wear a knitted cardigan. Looks lush with sleeves rolled up or down!
As you can see, polka dots are becoming a favourite trend of mine. This top’s so thick and good material, no last minute worries of “can I see my bra”. It’s a really nice fit, I love wearing it slightly off the shoulder, just adds that summery touch. It’s not quite a crop top, but is shorter than a normal tee. Looks nice paired with skinny jeans or leggings!
More polka dots! As you may have gathered from previous posts, i’m not a massive skirt lover! However, I came across this pencil skirt and fell in love. I initially picked it up too wear at sixth form, however this can be worn whenever really. Dressed up in too office wear, or wear with a t-shirt and converse to look more casual. Adds a real retro touch to your outfit!
And of course, the best of the best: Primark!
I hate going into Primark, with limited money, as there’s a very high chance that I want everything I see! Which happened today, but luckily I had a list of what I needed and just zoomed round to gather them so I didn’t get guilt tripped into buying more clothes!
I picked up these cute 3/4 length leggings for £5. I was in awe of the price and couldn’t walk away without them. They look really vintage and cute and will definitely be a popular item in my wardrobe this spring/summer. If anyone would like to get me ideas on what to wear with them feel free to comment below!
I then picked up these Jeggings for £7. These also look very vintage in person, with an acid wash tone towards the middle of the leg. I would probably pair these with my polka dot pink shirt, tied up! And a cute headband.. taking me back to the 80s. (Not that I was ever there,but wish I was)
Next up are these cute black round sunglasses for £4. I already have two others pairs; Pink heart shaped, and Black cat eyed ones. However I don’t have the confidence to wear them with an everyday outfit, so I bought these to wear on most occasions.
I also bought this green snakeskin styled purse for £4. I haven’t had a purse in so long, I usually just shove everything in my coat pocket, however I decided to actually buy a purse as my debit card is on its way out! (so many scratches). The only downfall It has is that it doesn’t have many card slots,when I picked it up I thought it had, but realised they were just creases from where the purse bends…
oh, surprise surprise, more polka dots! These cute retro looking headbands (£1.50 each), are a must have for me, There’s nothing I hate worse than hair blowing in my face, so if i can have it controlled while still looking half decent, I’m a happy girl!
I love frilly socks. They look cute with pretty much every outfit you wear, just adds a little girly essence to it. Yeah, I may have bought too many considering the amount I have at home, but I feel like they get lost in the wash a lot, and that’s pretty devastating so I stocked up while I could, and here we have it! I specifically love the ‘Shopping is my cardio” socks. I will most likely wear them on days where I’m supposed to do exercise, but I don’t. 
I can’t ever have enough rings either! Love having lots of rings on, I just feel like they finish of the outfit! I tend to stack rings a lot too, and these all mix and match with ones I already have. They were £3 for the bunch so I just threw them in!
Now, I have picked up some other things since beginning to write this post so I’ll throw them in too.
My mum wanted some more tracksuits to lounge around in and do the gardening in, so we took a trip over to sports direct in Stratford!
I ended up coming home with these beautiful British Knights trainers. I never jumped on the trainer band wagon, but I saw these and I loved them. For £13 they are so so comfy, and you can even choose between red laces, or white!
I also picked up these grey and white polo shirts; 2 for £9. I think these look cute dressed up with a skater skirt, or beneath some dungarees! I can’t wait to experiment and dress them up, as well as down! I bought them in mens though as I feel like women’s are naturally more fitted and I like my t-shirts loose and non restricted! 
I also picked up these really cute playsuit in outfit… it wasn’t the cheapest of playsuits at £42, but when trying it on, I had to have it. It fits so nicely round the waist but is loose to hide any unflattering parts you don’t like. Once again It’s one of those items that you could dress up for a night out, or wear it just on a day-to-day basis!
So that’s my spring shopping done.. no doubt i’ll carry on topping up towards the summer! I will keep you all posted of course! Leave a comment and let me know your favourites and what you’ve been purchasing.. also give me some style ideas if you have some! 🙂
🙂 X

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