My trip to cornwall

So this is a long long awaited post, that I’ve been meaning to write for a while. In the Easter holidays I travelled down to St Ives, in Cornwall for the week with my family!

 We’ve wanted to go for a while now, but my grandad always thought it was too far! However, we persuaded him and off we went! We stayed at the St Ives Holiday Park and I honestly felt like I was in Australia or somewhere foreign. The campsite lead straight down to the most amazing beach I have ever seen. There was mass expanse of sand, and beautiful rocks, and incredible surfing waves!

My nan and grandad stayed at a campsite just a bit away from us, so we walked across this beach every morning (2 miles) to go see them! I normally hate walking, but it was such a relaxing walk!
As we were amongst millions of sand dunes it kept the wind at bay, so was moderately warm! 
We was also sheltered by amazing rocks and caves that I got a lot of enjoyment out of exploring!

I did climb these rocks. It was pretty scary. Life or death kind of situation, holding on for dear life. Especially when I wasn’t wearing suitable footwear! Eventually we reached the end where we physically couldn’t go any further, the tide had came in so there was no way down… we just had to keep climbing up to the top of this gigantic hill! Was eventful to say the least! On the bright side I think I lost a good few pounds!
We had quite good weather throughout the week so we weren’t stuck in our caravans which was nice! I managed to go out and do some photography again – which I haven’t done in a while. 
We took a trip into the small town of St Ives, which is gorgeous. So many small pretty lanes with cute antique shops that I fell in love with! As the weather was nice we took a boat trip to “seal island”. Which is exactly what it says it is.. a small island where loads of seals ‘live’. We managed to see a few sneak up and say hello which was super cute!
These are a few of the pictures I took while I was out there! They all look pretty similar but if you look close enough you’ll see a little seal bobbing in the water, coming to say HI.

On the last night we decided to sit and watch the sunset – cute like that – it honestly was so lovely and relaxing. I learnt some scientific stuff that baffles me a lot, so I won’t go into detail! (too confusing) 
but here are a few pictures.. including me being really ‘indie’. – Totally joking, my mum genuinely took them without me knowing.

so if you ever want an English break away, and even learn to surf! St Ives is the place to be! We’re for sure going back there very soon, when the weathers hot too! It’s like being in a foreign country!
Advice for the day: Don’t think you’re big and clever by running down a sand dune, that you think is small – until a steeper bit appears. You end up on your bum, like you’ve just done long jump.
 ( This definitely didn’t happen to me)

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