May Favourites!

So I haven’t done a post like this before but thought i’d give it a go! I realised that there were quite a few things that I was loving this month, so what better than to share it, too see if everyone else loves them just as much! Some of them are actual items, others are just things I’m enjoying and wanted to share! I also apologise for the awful quality of photo’s, I ended up taking them on my iPhone!

The first thing in my favourites is the ‘Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation’.

A few months ago I bought the MAC studio fix foundation, but sadly it’s time has come to an end. An as I don’t have a mac store by me, I decided to go to boots and ask advice for what the best next thing is! I spoke to a lady who recommended me to this,which lead me to get a colour test and immediately I ended up buying it! My friends tried to convince me just to buy a ‘normal’ foundation as they all work the same, but since using my mac one I don’t think I could go back to a high street foundation! It was very pricey (considering the size of the bottle) at £28.50. I nearly died finding out the price, but I can certainly say it’s worth it. I’ve used it once so far and I love it. It’s full coverage, and great for combination skin like mine. It honestly lasts all day without having to top up, which is a big must have for me! The bottle also look so so pretty! It leaves a lovely looking finish to your skin, and it also smells lovely!
My second is this ‘Nails inc, london’ nail polish.
My nails are ridiculously tiny. Even if I resist from biting them, they are still pretty diddy. So it’s pretty impossible to paint them. However, while going through my collection of nail polishes I found this one and thought i’d give it a try. It’s such a nice sea-blue colour – looks much better on than through the bottle. I’m not sure what store I bought it from so can’t comment on the price. The bottle says ‘royal botanical gardens’. I feel like that might be the name of the colour, as I’ve never been to the actual gardens, but who knows ey? If you come across a colour like this I would definitely buy it. It’s very summery and bright. I have a feeling i’ll be using this a lot this season!
Instant Happy – Karen Salmansohn
I’ve had this book since my birthday, and if i’m honest I would put this in my favourites every month! If you’re ever feeling down,stressed,anxious and just need a pick me up, this is the book to read! Each page has a different motivational quote on just to pick you up. It really does help when i’m having anxious days. When I first told a few friends about it, I don’t think they quite the concept of it, but more fool them, because it’s so worth it! I bought this on amazon, a long with two similar books, for £8.27. I can’t praise it enough!
Bleach London – White Toner
I am a lover for all things hair. I have changed my hair colour more times than I can even remember. You name the colour, I’ve either had a full head, or just a little bit of it! A few weeks ago I dyed my hair from orange – blonde. I absolutely love it, and think blonde is the colour for me (i’d normally be bored by now and change the colour) however it’s started to gain a gold brassy tone in it and I wanted be more lighter. I’ve always heard good things about bleach london and would love to visit the salon one day. When out shopping I decided to pick it up from boots for £7 which I couldn’t miss! I
Fujifilm Instax! 
My mum bought me this polaroid for my 18th birthday in march. I’ve been too scared to use it because of the cost of the films! However with me leaving sixth-form this month, I decided to take it in and been using it a lot! I’ve found myself carrying it everywhere, just taking a few selfies with friends and family every now and again. I much prefer physical copies to stick on my wall then digital, as digital can always be deleted before you’ve backed them up! So although it’s an expensive item it’s a cute little memoir to have! I would definitely recommend saving up and purchasing one! 
Calvin Klein Lipstick 
I bought this lipstick so long ago – I think off amazon. I initially never used it and just through it in my make-up basket, and used other colours. Only recently when clearing out this make-up basket did I find it again! It’s a deep purple colour, but not too deep where you have to colour your lips first! I find it sits really well and doesn’t fade and leave a bright line round the outside your lips. I rarely have to re-apply at all! I am so in love with it, I wear everyday without fail! As much as I enjoy red lips, I feel sometimes it can be too bold and out there for certain occasions, where-as this, you can get away with day-to-day things! So if you ever come across Calvin Klein lipsticks, go for it and pick one up!
Fudge Urban – Sea Salt Spray.
This is another item that I had hid away and now have a re-found love for it!! Due to constant bleaching of my hair, i’m trying to lay off heat, but I can never depend on my natural hair as sometimes it’s a good day, others it’s just awful! I’ve always found when i’ve been in the sea, that my hair has a really nice curl too it, but obviously as soon as I wash it again it goes. So I picked up this sea salt spray in hope to achieve the same effect. I can honestly say it does wonders to my hair. It’s a bit sticky on the hands but then what do you expect – it’s sea salt! I get a lovely natural curl and feel like i’m back on holiday, until I look at the typical english weather – rain! So if you, like me, want to lay of the heat I’d recommend buying this! I purchased this from super drug for £6.99!
Alton Towers!
No, this isn’t a physical item i’m afraid… On tuesday me and 4 other friends spontaneously decided to take a trip to Alton Towers. Now I never used to like rides until I got dragged on last year – I still don’t do loops, but others I can handle! It was just a really nice day, we were lucky as it wasn’t too busy and managed to get on most rides. Towards the end, the que for oblivion was non-existent so managed to just go straight round and on, for the second time! The weather wasn’t too bad, it rained on and off, but that didn’t matter as we got drenched on the rapids (after me saying to my friends they didn’t need a poncho as it wasn’t that bad, luckily I had a rain mac.) When it came to the flume, they didn’t trust me so everyone purchased an Alton Towers poncho for safety. As you can see my ticket price was £0.00. We picked up 241 tickets on cereal boxes – I never thought to take advantage of these before but i’m glad we did. Petrol, tickets and food between the 5 of us came to £35 each. Which is less than the ticket price would of been if we paid on the day! It was nice day out, and If you have a bit of spending money I would recommend picking up the 241 tickets and going out for the day! You don’t need unlimited money to have fun!
Here’s us – all looking like mongs – with rain and sun in our eyes. However we were all nice and waterproof! 
Favourite App – TimeHop
My favourite app of the month is ‘TimeHop’. Where you log into your facebook and each day you get a notification telling you to check timehop. Which leads you too seeing your exact posts from 2 and 3 years ago. It’s funny to look back on what awfully cringey things I use to write, and some are just down right embarrassing. It actually makes me want to delete my facebook! If you haven’t got it already, go get it!
Favourite Song/Artist – Ella Henderson; The First Time

I loved Ella on the X factor and when I heard her new single Ghost I fell in love. I was dreading the thought of people making her into the ‘new adele’ when she’s got too much talent to be called that. When on the quest of listening to live versions of ghost, I came across this song. I initially thought it was a cover then I realised it was her own song! I haven’t stopped listening to! It’s a great break-up song, female empowerment and all that! Unfortunately this hasn’t been released, but I hope she does eventually! And I really hope that Ghost gets a number 1 because it definitely deserves it! Can’t wait to hear more from her in the near future!
So that’s my top 10 may favourites! I hope to do more of these! Let me know if you liked it, and if you too have any of the same favourites!
Chloe x

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