Where we are tour – 1D – wembley

The long awaited day had finally approached, it was fair to say I was pretty damn excited. I nearly didn’t make it due to severe toothache, but after dosing myself up with tablets I got on that train.

  So yes, Sunday 8th June 2014; One Direction – Wembley Stadium = Best Night Ever.

It’s true, there are two types of people… While I was sat on the train, Half asleep listening to an iPod with songs that were roughly 10 years old, my friend was sat on the train doing past papers for her exam! Now that’s dedication.

 So anyway – after the train – We finally arrived at wembley stadium, which I had never been to before but Fia had! And for someone who’s pint size, it looks bigger than it is! We had to que for an hour or so before the doors opened, but we finally got in!

We were lucky enough to have ‘red standing zone’ tickets so obviously there was pressure for us to get a good place to stand! Initially we were in a pretty good place, close enough to the stage and close enough to the catwalk too. This is where the twist comes in (because nothing ever goes that smoothly right) due to my horrific toothache and my travel sickness tablets I really needed a drink, but we didn’t want to loose our spot, so off I sent Fi on her own to get water. – no problem.
 Then about 1 minutes after she went I started having a panic attack, I just froze. It was the most scariest moment of my life, and I was torn, I didn’t want too loose our spot incase Fia got upset, but I knew that if I stayed where I was any longer, I would of fainted, which would of been a lot worse. So I removed myself and went to sit down towards the back until I spotted Fia!

After I gained some sanity, we went to get some food and then sat down with the majority of other people – luckily we still had a pretty decent view when 5sos and 1D eventually came on.
 It was honestly the most amazing experience ever. I was in awe of the place, I can’t even imagine how amazing it must feel to be up on that stage performing to a stadium full of people. They’ve achieved so much more in 4 years than most musicians would in a life time!

  I was hoping we might come across some pranks while we were there as it was the last concert of the UK leg, but either way it was still awesome and I would love love love to go again!!

I took quite a few photo’s and videos, So I thought i’d upload some of them and share them so you can see them. I need to apologise in advance, most of the videos are like 10 seconds long due to them coming from my snapchat. And…. the majority of the photo’s are off Harry. I got slightly carried away, it’s not like I fancy him or nothing….

They’re not the best quality as they’re from my phone and zoomed in, but hey ho!

If you’ve been let me know what you liked, and show me any pictures you took too! 
(release the inner fangirl)
Hope you liked them! Share them around 😉 

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