Fun in the Sun| Malta

Feels like I haven’t written a post in months when really it’s been a few weeks! I’ve just been a little bit busy!

 So last week I went to the tiny little island of Malta with my family! It was so nice to get away to a different country with beautiful weather!

 My nan over used this phrase so much while I was away but it’s a suitable description so it’s what I will use. Malta is a very ‘oldie-worldy’ place. It’s so antique, and a little bit derilict, however still very beautiful. It’s not everyones cup of tea, and if i’m honest it probably wasn’t mine. Nevertheless I still enjoyed myself.

On the holiday was My Mum,Stepdad,Nan,Grandad and my sister Carly. I took plenty of photo’s so thought I’d share some of them with you and talk you through my holiday!

We stayed at The Buggiba Hotel, In Buggiba. I didn’t actually take any photo’s of the hotel or the room but we had two apartments between us, which were super nice!

 Obviously me and my 23 year old sister were going to taking selfies… when better to start then the airport toilet.. while still in england! Had to make the most of us still having internet connection and being able to snapchat didn’t we!

 With the weather varying between 30-40 degrees each day, for someone who has extremely pale skin I definitely had to be prepared when it came to suncream. I wasn’t. I burnt on the first day! What a surprise, ey!

The burn in the photo isn’t quite evident as it was in reality, but this was the result of Day 1: 

One of the first places we found when wondering around town was a little slush van/bar kind of thing! When I say slush I don’t mean one you can get from your local corner shop. No. These were like gourmet slushes. So many flavours you can think of including a “cocktail” and a “tropical” flavoured slush, and they all came with fresh fruit in too! You could even choose to have a shot of malibu in there too if you fancied it. I chose the tropical slush and not only did it look amazing but it tasted amazing too!

This was the view of the town centre at night, the lights were all shops and mainly restaurants. I was surprise at how many Italian restaurants there were around Buggiba.
This was the sunset I captured on our way home one night, thought it was so pretty and cute!
On the thursday we had took a boat trip to the Blue Lagoon, Comino and Gozo. The first two being very tropical caves and Gozo being a small island by Malta. 

These were a few of the photo’s I managed to get. However I suffer from horrific sea-sickness so the boat trip wasn’t that fun for me. Despite having two travel sickness tablets. -_- 
In the third picture you can see how clear the water is quite obviously, but that was my attempt of taking a photo of a jelly fish. This was at our first stop at the blue lagoon where we stayed for 45 minutes allowing people to jump off the boat. As much as I would of loved to do this the jellyfish definitely put me off, so I left the jumping to my sister.

When we finally got to Gozo, we found out there was nothing much to do there down where the boat docked so we resorted to taking an open bus tour for the 4 hours we were there. I’m going to be totally honest and say I fell asleep. I do like history, sometimes, but it has to be topic I’m initially interested in. I was also so hungry which makes me grouchy. So here is the one picture I got of a monument in Gozo… 

Hope you liked reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’ve added some more fun little pictures below of me and my holiday! Also enjoy the video of my sister trying to dive!
Let me know where you’re going on holiday and show me some of your pictures/memories too! 🙂

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