London | Oxford Street

It wouldn’t be right to go all the way to London and not shop on Oxford Street. Well for me it wouldn’t be…

 I’ve been saving up for quite a while for this trip, so I was pretty excited to finally spend money! I didn’t get as much as I thought I would so I actually came home with some money!

 So like the true blogger I am, here is some of the stuff I bought: 

I always dread going into primark, no matter what city I’m in. It’s always messy and it’s always busy. I was hoping because it was a Sunday that it’d be a little quitter but no. It was still a nightmare. But I got out alive with a few nice items!
As it’s getting colder I was looking for more warmer clothes just to keep me going until I do my big winter shop 😀
I picked up a few pretty simple long sleeve t-shirts, that I thought would go nice with jeans/leggings/skirts whatever. Just to keep my little arms and chest warm!

Apologies for the creases… they had been crumpled in a bag for at least a day. oops. 
Winters my favourite season so really excited to be able to wear warmer clothes, and I’m definitely feeling stripes this year! These were all around £3.50 each! 🙂
I also set out to buy a new coat,however I couldn’t find on I really liked. I did find a ‘coatigan’ though.
It’s basically a massive over sized blazer that’s a coat type material. Either way it’s lovely and warm and perfect for the weather at the moment, as it’s not horrendously cold just yet. (probably just jinxed it now)  This was £21!
I find it ridiculously hard to walk into Primark and not come out with more frilly socks! 

Mine always mysteriously get lost in the washing machine! 
You can never go wrong with adding a pair of frilly socks to your outfit! Especially when they’re only £1.50!!!
More Socks….
I decided I wanted to experiment more with fashion and be a bit more daring… Well for me anyway.
So I picked up a few pairs of Knee High Socks. I thought they would look really cute with some dresses. Which I’m going to have to buy as I don’t own many dresses..
Speaking of Dresses….
I found this little cutie amongst the jumble! I instantly loved it and had to have it, and that’s saying something as I never ever wear dresses! I tried it on this morning with my knee high socks and it’s a pretty cute outfit! Keep an eye out for a later post for outfits I’ve put together with purchases from recent shopping trips! I can’t remember the exact price of this dress but It was definitely a good price! And it’s a lovely fit, doesn’t cling in any horrible places!
Forever 21:

I am the worst person when it comes to buying jeans. It takes me forever. In fact I never ever buy jeans, I bought a couple pairs from River Island a few weeks ago and they were the first jeans I had bought/wore in a good couple of years! I find it hard to find the perfect fit jeans for me, as I’m such an awkward size. However I found the comfiest pair in forever 21. Nice and simple, and black, my favourite colour!
I also picked up some leggings as they were only £3 each! They’re super comfy and not see through which is always a positive! 
Victoria’s Secret:

I love this place. The most comfiest underwear I’ve ever purchased in my life. Definitely on the more expensive side of things but It is honestly so so so worth it! I picked up the two prettiest bra’s for £44. Which I thought was pretty good if I’m honest! I also picked up some cute little knickers too. For obvious reasons I’m not going to post either, but here’s a picture of the oh so famous bag! 
New Look:

I didn’t initially plan on buying anything from new look. But my bag broke on me, the handle was tearing at the seams and it was pretty heavy so I knew it wasn’t going to last long! So I purchased this little backpack for £19.99 which I think is super cute and such a good price! (the charms aren’t included)
And last but not least…

Anyone that knows me, knows that this is one of my favourites shops. It’s physically impossible for me not to go into the shop when it’s right in front of me. I love a good bath while reading my book or listening to some music. So of course I went in and picked up a few goodies! 
The more I smell this, the more in love with it I am. Smells so good I want to eat it! Smells just like sweets! This is the Creamy Candy Bath Bubble Bar. Even the name is so good. It’s such a lovely texture too, I’m really excited to use this!
My Second Purchase from here was the Think Pink Bath Ballistic. Such a pretty bath bomb with a really sweet smell! 
 Hope you all enjoyed reading about my purchases, leave me a comment on what you like the look off, or if you have purchased anything similar lately! Also if you have any ideas of what I can wear with my knee high socks please please let me know 🙂 

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