Like a Tourist; | London.

In the 18 years I’ve been alive and the numerous times I’ve been to London, never have I visited any ‘tourist hotspots’ such as the palace, Trafalgar square, not even Big Ben! So when me and my friend decided we were going to London, we arranged to go visit these places!

  We initially started out on Oxford Street – like two teenage girls would – and done a spot of shopping! I didn’t spend as much as I thought I would, I’m pretty impressed. You can see what I bought here. 🙂

After spending some money we hopped on the tube and stopped at Victoria Station. We didn’t know where this actually was going to be, just assumed it’d be in the centre. Luckily it was.  Our first stop was Big Ben. I was oblivious to the fact it was Big Ben until I looked and noticed it was an actual clock. It then became pretty obvious what it was! I underestimated the ‘big’ in the name. I did not expect it be that big, at all!


We then had a little wonder around the area, taking photographs (we’re both a level photographers). Our next stop was Westminster Abbey.

I’m not a very architectural person, never been interested in buildings and how they’re built etc. However coming across Westminster Abbey never ever ever have I been so mesmerised and fascinated. It truly is an amazing building. Everything about the building really captivated me. I’m totally in love with it and in awe of it!

It wasn’t until we passed it that we realised we had been approaching Trafalgar Square, we definitely would have stopped if we knew! But from the quick glance I got it looked lovely. Really want to go back and visit at night as I think it’d look amazing! 
We finally took a long walk to the palace! (After stopping for directions which was massively embarrassing). By the time we got there it was safe to say we were absolutely knackered and just wanted to catch the train, but I’m really glad we went there and managed to get a few photos! 
Although it was a tiring and expensive day it was amazing and I definitely would do it all again. As I said, I’d quite like to experience it at night as I think it would look amazing! 
I’ll leave a few more pictures from the day below. I’ll also leave a link to my Flickr as when I’ve edited all my other photo’s they’ll be on there! 🙂 

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  1. Fab photos! London is definitely my favourite city, really enjoyed reading your blog post 🙂 xx


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