Camping in a home-made tent.

Me and my friends like to think we’re pretty hipster. You know them kind of girls you see on tumblr?

Massive lie. We’re not them. At all. So completely far from it. We just get bored and like to do creative things. So because most of us are all going to university we decided to have one last sleepover. With a slight twist… we made a tent. With sheets,rope, hair bobbles and mattress’. Sounds like a disaster right? It actually was very successful. And by successful I mean, it didn’t fall down in the middle of the night (probably because there was no wind or rain).

We did have a slight panic, as you see, my friend lives in the middle of nowhere, with like god knows how much acre of land so she has a few visitors in the shape of badgers. So whenever we heard a slight movement or sound outside we just automatically assumed it was the badgers and that they were planning their attack on us. We made it through the night though, safe and unharmed by any badgers or foxes nearby. Although when help cleaning up I noticed I had slept on a spider all night… I’m just glad my friend lent me her quilt to sleep on otherwise I might of had a slight panic attack. ugh.

 It was such a lovely night. I’ve loved all the sleepovers we’ve had over the years in her little cottage but this was something else. Waking up to the birds singing and the smell of the fresh air honestly made me very happy. It was nice to just lie there and be truly relaxed. The little things in life do honestly make you the happiest, if you let them!

 Here’s some pictures of our awesome fort. Be jealous. It was awesome. We felt like ‘The Ashley’s’ from recess.

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