James Bay.

This is a completely spontaneous blog post. I have a list of what’s next for me to write about and this wasn’t on it yet.

 I have, however, been wanting to do a post on this man for a long while. I’ve just held back because it’ll be completely one sided and biased. But I couldn’t wait any longer to rant about how much I love this mans music.

I was at an open mic night a few months back now hearing my friends do what they do best, and I heard a cover of one of James’ songs ‘move together’. I didn’t really think nothing of it at the time, just thought it was a lovely song.

Any who, A few weeks later was at working doing my job, as expected, while listening to Radio 1. And who does Fearne cotton play? James Bay of course! With his song  ‘let it go’ (not a cover of frozen, that my mum assumed it was). Let’s just say, ever since I heard that song I fell head of heels in love with an artist, like never before!

 Another couple of weeks later, Fearne is playing him more and more, and he even makes an appearance in the live lounge, with the most phenomenal cover of Haim; Forever.
  Let’s just say I’m now going to see him live on tour, I have told all my family and friends about him, and have listened to every one of his songs on repeat for the past 2hours now while sitting at home on my bed.

 Not sure how many people are going to read this post, but let’s just say if you click on the link and don’t like what you hear, I will be well and truly shocked. This isn’t usually my genre of music I listen too, but it most definitely is now.

  I would like to leave a link to every single one of his songs but I’ll limit myself to my top 3 and his latest EP link (to buy, which you 10000% definitely should)

Top 3 Songs:
Here’s a link to his iTunes page; Buy ALL his ep’s and watch his iTunes festival set too! 🙂
Peace out.
Chloe 🙂 x
ps.. Sorry if this is a massive ramble, it was so unplanned and spontaneous, but needed to get this out of my system 🙂

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