THE 1975 // IN THE FLESH //

Yep. Finally, after SO many years I got to see the 1975 live on their tour. I saw them at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall, with my sister and my friend!

  After getting lost, and being sent round in circles by the Sat-nav. We got there! Just a little later then expected! We had standing balcony tickets and we managed to get a pretty decent view of the stage,without the cramped crowd of floor standing, which is always nice!

Singing a string of their more well known songs such as; Chocolate,Girls,The City and Sex – Which was by far the most popular song that night – to singing songs from their early ep’s. They certainly got the crowd going and kept them entertained, and have certainly earned their place in this big wild world of music.

More often than not I paid attention to the crowd on the floor reacting to Matt Healy and his flamboyant on stage persona, and it was truly mesmerising to watch. The band and 99% of the crowd all bounced off each other energy. While the other 1% fainted and had to be dragged over the barrier and have the main man himself (Matt Healy) make joke remarks about them which had the crowd in pieces.

 I was expecting a room full of screaming girls, which I certainly got. However there was quite an even ratio of boys to girls. This is definitely the first concert I’ve been too that had an equal amount of boys and girls.

Before the intimate emotional performance of ‘me’ – a lesser known track off the album – Matt proceeded to make a truly heartfelt statement… “I wanna see your faces, not a fucking apple logo, let’s just have a gig”.  I admit, I do tend to take a few too many photo’s and videos at concerts, I say to myself I won’t I’ll just enjoy the music but I can’t help but take photos. Maybe that’s just my love for photography coming out, or maybe not. But I honestly admire him for saying this; Not many artists would care, they’re making their money and that’s that. These guys truly care for their loyal following and wanted to share a special moment with them, so that’s what they did. I took a look round the audience and didn’t see a single phone out. Matt ended the song by getting everyone too shine the lights from their phone in the air. It looked amazing to say the least!

Throughout the concert Matt had kept making hints about working on a new album; which I’m so excited to hear. I can’t wait for a new tour and new music and for them too get some headline festival gigs. They honestly deserve every bit of success they have and much more!

As I said, this was one of the most amazing concerts i’ve been too! They all have an incredible stage presence and a truly remarkable musicians.

But I would recommend going to see The 1975 at one point in your life. You will never ever ever regret it. Like ever.




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