Ella Henderson; Chapter One // Review


Back in 2012 we saw the beautiful Ella audition for series 9 of the X factor, with her original song ‘Missed’ (track 13 on her debut album). Ella was mentored by Tulisa, but was sadly voted off the show, far too soon, in week 7!

 With the release of ghost and the incredible success it’s had, her album has been one of the most highly anticipated of the year! Every track on the album is incredible, they’re all so different from the slow ballads such as Hard Work to the more ‘pop’ sounding Rocket, there’s a song for everyone!

  Ella’s not just another Leona Lewis or Adele that can belt out a good ballad. She is Ella Henderson. She’s more than capable of standing on her two feet, being the artist she wants to be, leaving her own mark in the music industry. She doesn’t have to copy – already amazing established artists.

 Unlike rushing an album and a single; like most X factor contestants, she’s took her time and only released her music when she was truly content with it, and was ready for the world to be stunned by her vocals all over again!

One of my favourite songs on the album is Mirror Man; I love the story behind the lyrics, of her ‘vain ex’ but it also has a very funky Motown vibe to it. I can really see myself dancing around my bedroom with a hairbrush in hand to this!

 A more slow ballad song that I love, yet hate, is Lay Down. Such a beautiful song, yet it fills me with so much emotion and makes me a bit teary. (hence the hate comment). So so so so beautiful.

Now, I heard this a while ago, and I loved it. I heard it again when I bought the album, and love it just as much. The first time is the perfect song you’d find yourself singing when your ex has ‘moved on’. It’s got a very chilled r&b vibe, yet also a bit ‘poppy’. Either way I love it, and everyone else should too.

Deluxe Edition: Giants. WOW, first time I heard this, I just had butterflies in my stomach, such a beautiful song, like, that’s all I can say, just listen to it and you’ll understand.

 Honestly each song is so beautiful and amazing. Ella is an incredible artist/songwriter/musician she’s ‘the whole package’. And let’s not forget she’s 18. BLOODY 18. That’s my age. And here I am on a laptop writing a blog no-one really reads, and there she is, rocking it. She has a massive future ahead of her and I really hope this album gets the recognition it deserves.

 Now I’m off to go play it loud and learn all the lyrics, so I can dance and sing round my bedroom.

Leave a comment and let me know what your favourite tracks are!

Chloe! 🙂

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