// TS1989 // Track by Track Review //


Don’t worry, it’s not a heavy text post, there’s a few little gifs in here you might like 🙂

As I’m writing this, I am currently listening to Taylor Swifts 1989 for the 5th time? Might even be a sixth. I think you can tell where I’m going with this post?

  As I mentioned in a previous post about ‘Out Of The Woods’ I was highly apprehensive about the new sound this album was going to have. I was wrong,very wrong doubting Taylor.

 1989 is nothing like any of her other albums, there’s no acoustics, there’s no banjo or country. It’s all very electronic and very pop and she’s done it with style.

Welcome To New York;  It’s not my favourite song on the album, but I generally prefer songs that have a personal story, that I can also relate too or empathise with. However it’s a very good song to dance around in my bedroom too, with an upbeat tempo it’s hard not too have a little jam when it’s playing. I really like it being the 1st track on the album. It’s a good opener, giving the listeners an insight on what the rest of the album might sounds like.

Blank Space; Opens with a catch hip-hop styled drum beat. A song dedicated to ‘potential lovers’, pre-warning them how it’s going to go and what they should expect. “Cause darling I’m a nightmare,dressed like a daydream”. Taylor openly admitting that she’s hard work, and not as innocent as people make out she is. Either way a very catchy song that is currently one of my favourites on the album.

Style; We should of just called it ‘i’m not even sorry'” – Claims Taylor.  This all gives us a pretty clear insight on which PopStar this song might be about. Queen. Naming a song after your ex, but not having to admit that it’s about them due to the double meaning of the name, clever and brave. I applaud you Taylor. I think this might actually be one of the best on the album. The song has a very sinister sexy feel too it from lyrics such as “You got that James Dean day dream look in your eye And I got that red lip classic thing that you like” to “And I got that good girl fig and a tight little skirt”. The whole song represents that this relationship was toxic, constantly going round in circles, never really getting “Out Of The Woods”

“Out Of The Woods” I have already done a whole blog post here on what I think of this song; which basically tells you it’s positive. Still love it, still repeatedly singing it.

“All You Had To Do Was Stay” A brilliant break up anthem too sing to your ex that couldn’t commit, yet conveniently wants you back, when it suits him. (Taylor also may have implied this could be about the same person track number 3 is about). This could be a very good song to sing into your hairbrush pretending your ex was right in front of you…

 photo tumblr_m7qukoKIaZ1rcoqnzo1_500_zps5tbzhhwp.gif

Shake It Off” The first single from the album that had everyone talking about it. Like Everyone. Some good, some bad. I admit, I strongly disliked this song the first time I heard it. I’ve always been a big fan of the Taylor country break up anthems, however, the more I heard it the more I started nodding my head and picking up the lyrics and eventually full on dancing too it in the shower.

 photo tumblr_mjgelgmf0L1s7mizqo1_500_zpsxywelhkc.gif

” I Wish You Would” As Taylor tells us in her voice memo about this song “about a guy who drives past his ex girlfriends house in the middle of the night and think that she still hates him when in reality she’s still madly in love with him”. The song starts out quite slow, and builds more and more into a very anthemic breakup sang.

Bad Blood” Taylor has reportedly said that this track is about a feud she had with another artist who “basically tried sabotage (swifts) entire arena tour”. The hard beats in the song represent the anger and the ‘bad blood” Taylor’s conveying.

“Wildest Dreams” From the first second of this song I instantly heard a Lana Del Ray track… I even had to check that I was still listening to the album. A much softer song compared to others with tailors hushed/whispered vocals. Taylor sings about a relationship she knows has an expiry date. There is also a very sensuous vibe too the song with lyrics such as “His hands are in my hair, His clothes are in my room” showing how Taylor has matured throughout the years as a song writer.

“How You Get The Girl” Another of my favourites from the album. One I’ve found myself putting on repeat. Very upbeat and Taylor shows a positive attitude to love. This is the song that’s been stuck in my head. I’m finding it pretty hard to write this as I just want to get up and sing. Long story short; If you want the girl, be old fashioned, turn up at their door in the pouring rain, and tell them you want them.

 photo tumblr-mfjyk5eijn1rv7cdvo1-500_zpsyulnk0ec.gif

“This Love” The slowest most ballad sounding song on the album. The whole song is a giant metaphor referencing the ocean, how if you let something go, hopefully it’ll come back to you just like the tide. However we all know that’s not always the case right? It’s a lovely song and it makes my stomach do little flips. I do however prefer her new upbeat stuff!

I Know Places” A song about trying to keep up a relationship while the Media are constantly around. “See the vultures circling in a dark cloud”. You can’t help but feel sorry for the couple Taylor’s referencing in her lyrics, not being able to enjoy each others company, there is always a going to be a group of ‘vultures’ hence them needing to find a place where they won’t be found.

 photo taylor-swift-toby-hemingway-mine-music-video_zpspnjy0e6n.gif

“Clean” This song features vocals from Imogen Heap who also co-wrote the song! The song shows much more of a vulnerable side of Taylor. The lyrics tell us how Taylor drowns (in tears, most likely) until she is finally clean. Just like we all do after a breakup. It’s about that moment when you finally realise you could be over that person; “And that morning, gone was any trace of you, I think I am finally clean”.

So that is my track by track review of 1989 – Taylor Swift! If you want me too review the Deluxe Tracks then let me know! As I’d be more than happy to listen to them again…. 🙂

Also let me know what your favourite songs from the album are and what you think about the new sounding Taylor! Do you prefer it, or do you miss the old country Taylor?


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