Miss Rebel // Wishlist

While browsing on The Blogger Programme I came across Miss Rebel . An amazing; yet affordable clothing website. I’ve already found so many items that I’m in love with. I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourite items that I love and will be going on my Xmas List this year!

So firstly, I am a massive 90s fan. I love the music,the fashion, the lifestyle. I just wish it was the 90s all over again and this sweatshirt oozes 90s. Quite clearly. So when I saw it, It wasn’t so much that I want it, it’s that I have to have it. And for £10 It’s an absolute steal. This is definitely top of my list!

Second on my list is this amazing Christmas Jumper. I love Christmas, it’s my favourite time of the year and I can’t go without a Christmas jumper. I also am absolutely obsessed with frozen. It’s replaced any other film I thought was my favourite. So when I came across this jumper you can imagine how excited I was. I literally had the biggest grin on my face, ever. Because let’s face it, why wouldn’t you want a Christmas jumper with Olaf on? 
If you’ve read through my other posts you will know that I’m a huge lover of monochrome. I’m not a very colourful clothed kinda girl. I’m also not a massive lover of dresses (although I’ve got better and wear them a lot more frequently). This checked monochrome jumpsuit is perfect for me! I’m not sure what occasion I’d wear it on, I’d find some occasion though!
Another monochrome item of clothing here. The Skort. Everybody is wearing them, they’re such a cute fashion statement. For someone who doesn’t really like wearing skirts, this is perfect. They’re easily dressed up, or dressed down for whatever occasion!
I’m a massive fan of the Aztec Print at the moment. I think it’s such a popular statement print for this season. I really like the red and light beige contrast on this cardigan too! The tassels also add that ‘boho chic’ vibe, everybody was talking about this summer!
I’m a massive sucker for loose comfy jumpers. There’s nothing more comfy than an over sized jumper and a pair of comfy leggings. Which Is why this khaki coloured jumper is also on my wish list. I’m 98% sure that I’d live in this jumper through the cold months! 

Khaki Loose Knit Jumper 

Finally on my wish list is this cute structured bag. I don’t use handbags very often, I can never find the right size! However I came across this on the website and I fell in love. As you probably have guessed by now, I love the colour black, as it just goes with everything. So when I’m buying bags I tend to only buy black bags!

Structured bag in black

So here a few of my favourites from the website, there is so much that I wanted to write about, but I thought I’d stick to these few…. for now!!

Has anyone else purchased from here before? Or have you seen anything you like?
Let me know!

Chlobo 🙂 xx

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