A good kinda day

You know them days wear you love how your make up has gone, and you feel good in your outfit?
Yeah, they don’t happen very often for me either, but I went out on Sunday with my family, and it was one of those days. It’s a shame that it doesn’t happen when you really want it to happen. i.e… when you’re around good looking guys…

 So I thought I’d write a little post about my favourite affordable make-up at the moment, and throw in my outfit while I’m at it!

So, my foundation. That’s hiding away in this photo.
  I use the No7 Stay Perfect Foundation, in the colour Calico. Because I’m a pasty pale child that needs a bit of colour on her face! It’s a really nice lightweight foundation that leaves you with a lovely smooth practically flawless complexion. I always struggled to find a decent priced foundation that actually stays on your skin and that hasn’t disappeared by the time you get to your destination. So I definitely recommend this! 
Concealer time; I use two. I have one I use before foundation to get rid of the beastly bags that lay underneath my eyes,which is the No7 match made concealer, also in Calico. It most definitely hides the black bags! My 2nd concealer is the Rimmel London Wake Me Up in the shade Ivory 01. It’s a full coverage concealer and I actually use it to highlight, once I’ve put my foundation on! 
Next up is the ‘Poudre Bronzante’ … which if you haven’t guessed is the Bronzing Powder. The Bourjois Paris Bronzer to be exact. That looks like a lovely yummy chocolate bar:
erm, well it did, but I have well and truly used this. Just a little worn! I think it’s time to buy a new one, however I’m not ready to let go. I’ve had it for so many years, yet only recently started to use it. We’re now like the best of friends. I use this to contour as It’s a very nice colour and although looks a pretty dark brown, it’s actually a lovely shade, that creates emphasis on my non existent cheek bones… due to my chubby cheeks.
 That is the face done. Now for the eyes! 
Only in recent months have I grown an interest in eye shadow. Actually I’ll rephrase that, only in recent months have I actually been able to do pretty things with eye shadow instead of creating a pretty block coloured looking mess! So while I was in boots I saw these nude coloured eye shadows and thought ‘hey why not step away from the 3 eye shadows that I have got and expand. So here we are.
This is such a handy little starter kit for people who aren’t very skilled at blending and all that smokey eye malarkey. It even has numbers labelled for you so you know which too use and when. (There’s a little tutorial on the back that I failed to photograph) They are really pretty colours, very suitable for this time of year when you just want a subtle look. And my eye-shadowing skills are improving! Woo! 
The Eyebrow game, game. I’m not a part of this. I do have thick dark eyebrows but I don’t have them shaped all ‘on point’ or with a high sharp 90 degree angled arch. I am not in this game. I would love my eyebrows to be naturally ‘on point’ but due to an unfortunate accident when I was 6 which involved me splitting my eyebrow open on the corner of a toy box, I now have a scar across my eyebrow. Meaning I can’t shape them how I’d like as my scar would be blatantly obvious and I’d look like one of those ‘hipsters’ with a slit in their eyebrow. No thanks. And due to them being naturally dark I can’t really colour them in well either. So to fill them in I use the brownish looking shadow in this No7 palette I received one Xmas! (3rd colour in). It does the job, leaves them looking a lot more slick and defined, but not like I’ve left my 4 year old nephew loose on them with a felt tip. 
Eyeliner. Every girl loves eyeliner right? Like,it’s a girls best friend yeah? I’ve tried so many different ones but I’ve finally found the one that is best suited to me! The pen! No, not an actual pen. Eyeliner pen. I’m either rubbish at painting or just have a shaky hand, but I could never do the liquid eyeliner or the gel liner, it always looked far too wobbly. Where-as the pen is so much more precise and I can actually draw on a straight line and a half decent looking flick!
Mascaraaaaa; I change it every time I run out. It’s one thing I’m not consistent with and I don’t really like to be. I still don’t think I’ve found ‘the one’ but I have found a lot of good ones though! I’m currently using the Soap&Glory Thick&Fast mascara! It does enhance them a lot, gives them a lot of volume, I just feel like it’s missing something and I’m not quite sure what.
 Now to my favourite part. Lips. Even if I don’t really have any but It’s nice to buy stuff that will make you look like you have them right? Does that even make sense? 
 I like experimenting with colours, I feel like i’m quite lucky when it comes to lipsticks as every colour i’ve tried, I’ve really really liked!
 I bought this Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 107. It looks a very deep red however it’s not as deep when it’s on, but still not vibrant. It’s really hard to explain unless you see it in person! Even the photos of me wearing it don’t do it justice! I bought the Rimmel London Exaggerate lipliner to match in the shade 024 – Red Diva. Because let’s face it, lip liner helps a hell of a lot! 

So that’s all the makeup I’m using at the moment and It leaves me looking a little like this:

on a good day… with better lighting than this too, I’m not keen on this lighting much.
Also here’s my outfit that I felt pretty fab in:
Bowler Hat: Boohoo
Cardigan: Primark
Crop Top: New look
Jeans: River Island
Hope you had fun reading this! Let me know any suggestions you might have 
or let me know if you’ve tried any of these products too!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Eleanor says:

    I totally need to try those eye shadows! I saw them last time I was in Boots and couldn't decide whether do or not! You definitely looked fab, rocked that look!
    Eleanor x


  2. Go for it, they're really nice!! And thanks, was unsure about the hat at first, but it grew on me!!
    🙂 xx


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