Music Monday – James Bay

Hoorah! Last Monday of the month! Meaning it’s finally December and I can stop being ashamed at how excited for Christmas I am!

 I thought I’d try something a bit different out, so I decided to have a ‘Music Monday’ on the last Monday of each month and talk about an album/artist/song that I’m favouring at the moment! I love talking about music I’m into, and love hearing about new artists etc!

So let’s kick off Music Monday with my man of the moment: James Bay. (who I’m actually going too see perform tonight eeek)

James is a 23 year old singer songwriter from Hertfordshire who later moved to study at Bimm Brighton. Bay currently has released 3 EPs; The Dark Of The Morning, Let It Go and Very recently Hold Back The River. James has also performed on the Burberry Runway for Fashion Week, and Recently toured this fall with the wonderful Hozier.

 I have been listening to James Bay for quite a while now, probably since early summer, when a friend of mine covered his song Move Together, and since then I’ve fell more and more in love with him! In Recent months he’s finally got a lot of airplay on Radio 1 thanks to Fearne Cotton. So you may have heard of him! He was In the live lounge on the 16th September due to Lana Del Ray being ill and unable to make it! He covered ‘Forever; by Haim. It was amazing.

His latest EP, ‘Hold Back The River’ was released on the 21st November, and went straight too number one on the iTunes chart, and is now still in the top 10. Every single one of his songs are so emotionally gripping and his beautiful tones and gravelly voice make them even more captivating. He’s one voice I could sit and listen too on repeat! ( I do, very often)

 As I mentioned I’m lucky enough to be watching him perform at the o2 Academy in Birmingham tonight. I haven’t decided whether I’ll do a whole different post on the concert or just add onto this. But I’ll leave a link below either way!

I’ll also leave a few links of some of my favourite tracks of his (this is going to be very hard too choose) so you guys can check him out. He’s honestly amazing and it’ll be worth the watch. I initially didn’t think he was the kind of music I was into, but I so am. Such a natural talent, and seems like such a genuine humble nice guy!

This is my favourite song of his! I just love the lyrics! One of those songs I can really relate too!

This song of his, is the most beautiful song i’ve ever heard. The first time I listened to I was just in awe, I don’t think I breathed for the duration of it. Honestly so touching! I recommend listening too the story behind the song that he explains in the beginning.

This is a live version of his song Let It Go, (not the frozen song) that he recorded at the Burberry Acoustic Sessions! This is also the song Fearne Repeatedly played on Radio 1 and got him as much airplay as he did. ( I don’t normally like songs being repeated constantly, but I had no complaints with this one)

Hope you enjoyed the first ‘Music Monday’ and let me know what you think of James Bay!
I think he’s incredible and I feel pretty confident most of you guys will too!

UPDATE: BEST CONCERT EVER! Such a voice, such a lovely guy. I had the best time! I’ve always preferred much more intimate gigs, and this is exactly what it was. At moments you could hear a pin drop with the quietness in the room with people just watching him in awe. Then the other times were the complete opposite with everyone singing and cheering for him.

I love when artists are so appreciative and humble about it all, and that’s exactly what James is. He is so genuine. I feel like I know the guy I talk about him that much. I’m massively upset I didn’t get tickets to his April Tour, but i’m happy I’ve got too see him at all!

That’s it for now, go too his tour, listen too his music, love him as much as I do! 

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