Olly Murs // Never Been Better // Review

 Ever since the X Factor I have been a massive Olly Murs fan. He was my favourite to win from his very first audition. With him then leaving the competition, It then became one of them ‘fangirl’ obsessions. I would include the photo I have of my bedroom wall a few years ago but It’s far too embarrassing. ( It was wallpapered with olly murs posters,pictures,clippings ect).

Olly released his Fourth album ‘Never Been Better’ on the 23th November. He had given us a taste of what to expect with his single ‘Wrapped Up’ that featured the brilliant Travis Mccoy that was released before hand.

 Here’s a quick little track by track review:

Did You Miss Me:  

Perfect song choice for the opening track. A funky sound track with some pop synths and even a bit of sax, that seems to be increasingly popular these days! The title says it all for us. I certainly missed Olly! How could you not?

Wrapped Up:

The first single from the album that features Travis Mccoy. This will no doubt be Olly’s greatest anthem from the album, following in the footsteps of his other popular tracks ‘Troublemaker’ and ‘Please Don’t Let me go’. This certainly will get me up dancing when I hear it at parties this season!

Beautiful to Me:

A bit of a slower tempo on this song, but still has quite a beat too it! Not only has some beautiful lyrics, but also very catchy! I find myself singing the pre-chorus quite often! Note to any musical boyfriends out there; sing this too your girlfriend, and you’ll be in for a treat I’m sure!


Favourite track from the album. No doubt about it. Obviously because it features my favourite female singer Demi Lovato. When I first heard she was featuring I think I shed a tear or two. This is also his most recent single from the album. Although I did expect a later release date as it has Summer Hit written all over it! It still will be for me! Teaming up together is probably the best thing they could have done, not just for me, but for their careers in their opposing countries. If you haven’t checked out the brilliant video, that I’m in awe of, check it out here:



Olly paired up with Ryan Tedder to write this track. As you can tell as it has his style all over it. Catchy beat with some quirky guitar. Much more of a mature sound then the others, but nevertheless still just as good!

Nothing Without You:

One of the slower tracks on the album. I much prefer olly’s upbeat pop anthems, however credit where it’s due, it is a lovely song! There’s a bit of a beat too the the chorus but still a bit too deep for my liking.

Never Been Better:

This track is very much like ‘Army of Two’ from his previous album. Gives us the boost we need after the previous toned down tracks. Much more uptempo which I definitely prefer from Olly. It’s definitely a must for his tour set list!

Hope You Got What You Came For:

One of Olly’s “Power Ballad” Tracks. A very orchestral pop ballad. It’s not quite a tear jerker, but it’s definitely in my “Sing to my ex boyfriend in the shower while crying” playlist.

Why Do I love You:

Definitely another of my favourites on the album, purely for the lyrics, and how relatable they are for me. Also one of the better chorus’ on the album. Adding a slight edge with it’s synth bass.

Stick With Me:

Not a typical Olly track! Has quite a distinctive dance vibe to it. But that may be due to one of the co-writers on this song. John Newman! I’m sure it would be a great workout song (I’ll let you know if I decide too work out anytime soon).

Can’t Say No:

Back too the flirty, cheeky chappy we’re all in love with. This track has a very funky beat too it. Very Bruno Mars esque. I personally think this song has good potential to be a hit single! Another one of my favourite tracks!


Another Piano led track, that lowers the upbeat tempo of the album. It’s not one of my favourites on the album, as I previously said I prefer his happier upbeat stuff. But it’s definitely a tearjerker for some, I’m sure!

Let Me In:

A very nice track to end the album showing of Olly’s strong vocals. Very stripped back with a bit of folk too. If you’re familiar with Paul Weller then you may see a slight resemblance due to him helping Olly write this track.

Olly is a prime example that you don’t need to win X Factor to be someone. Let’s face it, how many X factor winners can you remember? And How many of them had number 1’s. The runners up always seem to do better. I admit, I prefer his third album Right Place Right Time, as I feel it’s more him. I think he played a bit too safe on some of the tracks. It is, however, still a very good album. And I’m really hoping Santa may have bought me tickets to go see him on tour next year! 
Let me know what you think of the album and what your favourite tracks are!

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