Music Monday 2 || Meghan Trainor

Ahh last Monday of 2014, this year has been a crazy one! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got everything you had hoped for! I had one of the best christmas’ ever!

 So this is my second post on Music Monday. It started off with James Bay, and this week it’s all about Meghan Trainor.

With her song All About That Bass, that hit it off like a storm this year, she has now created her own little army of ‘Megatrons’.

I can honestly say I had never even heard of her before AATB. Which I massively regret. 98% of people will think she is just this one hit wonder who got lucky with this song. She definitely got lucky with this song, but I for sure, think she’ll be around for a little while longer.

With the release of her debut album ‘Title’ set for release on 26th January and the release of her new single ‘Lips are movin’ on the 18th. She’s set too win over a few of these ‘haters’ that have grown sick of her debut no.1 single!

 Her latest single ‘Lips are Movin’ is just as catchy as ‘AATB’. A very girl empowered song, with lyrics such as ‘You really think I could be replaced, na I come from outer space’. Us girls don’t need a man that’s going to lie and cheat do we? 
Meghan has also released a few audio tracks on her youtube channel that you will find on her album. 
Very poppy and upbeat songs that you will for sure have to stuck in your head for a while. They’re definitely songs for my summer playlist, and also my singing in the shower playlist. She may be bubblegum pop, but after listening to these songs you can’t say she can’t sing. Because she definitely can! 
So yes, at the moment I’m on a bit of a Meghan Trainor hype, but that’s too be expected as you should all know by now I’m a massive pop music fanatic! 
Go take a listen, give her a chance, and buy her album in the new year! I definitely am!
Hope you all have a lovely new year!
Let me know what you have planned!
Chlobo 🙂 x

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