New Years Day Look.

Happy New Year Everyone!
2015 already? Let’s make it a good one!
So every year the whole family goes round too my nan’s on new years day and she cooks us a mean roast dinner. It is definitely one of my favourite days of the year! Even though we just lounge around at my nan’s we do like too make the occasional effort, or sometimes we just go in our pyjamas! I had a boohoo delivery yesterday, so I wanted too wear my new clothes, as you do! 

I am wearing this top from It’s not quite a t-shirt, yet it’s not a jumper/sweater either. Which I love, because no matter how cold it is, I hate wearing a load of layers I get far too claustrophobic. So this is a really nice in-between top, that’s really super soft.
I am also wearing these Lara boohoo jeans, these were actually a present from santa last week!
Then my shoes are fake, I would like real timberland’s, but it was between them or Dr martens, and I’d rather real Dr martens! I picked these up from Shoe Zone, for £18. Bargain!
My necklace was a gift from my auntie and uncle for Christmas, so I have no clue where that’s from I’m afraid.


I would just like too note before I talk makeup that I’ve had some sort of reaction too a product. Not sure what, I think I’ve narrowed the two down that it could be! So although you can’t see, my face is like very bumpy. I also appreciate that I look drunk/stoned, I promise I’m not, I was just too tired to try get a decent picture.

As much as I’d like my hair too be naturally that curly, it’s not. Too get my hair like that I used my new Enrapture Wavers! They are incredible, I’ve never got a curl like this from actual tongs. I’m so so glad I got these. My current plan is too train my hair to naturally be a bit like this… it might work. Lets keep fingers crossed!

As I was only going to my nans I kept makeup too a minimal and very natural looking! (But not so natural that you can see my bumpy skin -_-)

I used my No.7 Stay Perfect foundation and blended it all in nicely with my real techniques foundation brush! I only wanted a little contour today, didn’t want nothing drastic so just added a tiny bit of bronzer from my Seventeen Define and Conquer Kit underneath my cheek bones in the most hollow part! You can’t really see colour on my eyes but I used two nude shimmery colours from one of my No.7 palettes. I lined my eyes with the ‘make your mark’ seventeen pen eyeliner and topped my lashes off with the bourjois volume glamour max mascara! I then finished with my Mac lipstick in the shade Faux, I didn’t want a dramatic lip so I just lined my lips very lightly with the Rimmel London Exaggerate lipliner in the shade 063 Eastend Snob!

So this is my natural but not really that natural new years day look. Hope you enjoyed reading this, let me know what you make of any of these products or anything i’m wearing if you like it or have it too!

I’ve never really done a post like this before, but If you like it, let me know and I’ll do some more in-depth ones (with better and more pictures)

Happy New Year once again!

Lots of love

2 Comments Add yours

  1. I have that Mac lipstick 🙂 my go to natural work lippie

    Leanne x


  2. It's amazing, good for most occasions! It's definitely been the most used lipstick I have! X


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