Accidental Mac Purchase…

So I have a confession to make. Before Christmas, when I should of been buying presents, I may have accidentally bought myself some presents. These little presents may or may not be Mac. 
I couldn’t resist, I was running out of foundation and I really wanted a new lipstick. So I turned too a girls best friend. (mac) 
I bought the studio fix foundation in NW10. I’ve always been paired with the NC15, however I felt that had too much of a yellow undertone, and with great deliberation, I decided to go with the NW10 as it’s a much warmer tone. 

Once again it’s a beautiful full coverage and leaves all my perfect imperfections covered!
Thank you mac!
My second purchase was this Mac Lipstick in the shade Faux. I am lead to believe that a miss Kylie Jenner may also have this shade? As much as I want to be her, I can solemnly swear that I didn’t actually know until I was researching the shade (after the purchase). But it is a lovely colour, and lasts for a very long time, which is the main thing I like in a lipstick. Add a bit of lip liner and I’m all set for fuller looking lips!

 And the last thing I have too show is a free sample they send out with my order. It’s the False Lash Extreme Mascara. I’m not a massive fan of mascara, like I where it, but i’ll normally just use any odd one, it’s not a massive deal for me. But after using this, it is a massive deal, I couldn’t believe how incredible my lashes looked. I might have to make a cheeky purchase of the actual product when I get paid!

So I apologise to my family for that 1 less present you didn’t receive due to my purchases, but the truth is, i’m really not sorry at all. These are great products, that are my new besties.
Let me know if you’ve used these and what you think! 
Lots of love

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