Sleek Matte Me – Fandango Purple.

I’ve recently heard quite a lot about Sleek Makeup so I decided too take a look on the superdrug website at the products. I decided too look into the lip section as I really fancied a new lipstick, preferably a brighter colour then all the nudes I’ve been wearing recently.

I came across the ‘Matte Me’ Lip Cream in the shade ‘Fandango Purple’. I really love purple coloured lipsticks so I was really excited. I read a few reviews online about the colour and the product and they were all really good, so why not give a try myself ey?

The lip cream is very well presented and comes in a nice hard plastic case, with the lid being matte black. There’s nothing better then when the product comes in quality packaging. 
It’s much more of a fuschia colour, it’s a lot more pink then purple, but it’s still noticeable that it’s purple? If that makes any sense… it’s pretty hard too explain!
I found it very easy too apply, a little too easy due too it’s consistency! I found it hard to actually keep too the line of my lip on initial applying, which I didn’t mind too much as I tend too over line my lips anyway! I applied mine with a small lip brush, instead of the wand it came with as I found it easier too apply that way, and it looked a lot neater!
 It has a very long lasting wear, I got a good couple of hours out of it! The only downfall is that it goes first in the middle, and leaves a quite a deep purple round the edge of your lips! 

  I really want to try more of this collection, let me know what colours I should try next! If you’ve got this colour or any others let me know what you make of them! 

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  1. Sleek is my favourite high street makeup brand. The quality is so good, and this colour looks so pretty x
    Laura | A Life With Frills


  2. The colour is so nice, looks a lot better in person too! And it's slowly becoming one of mine too, I've heard so much about it! X


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