Great Tune Thursday?

Soooo I forgot to do a Music Monday post as it being the last Monday of February and all that this week, but I still wanted to do a post on my specified subject? So let’s call today ‘Great Tune Thursday’ erm yep, that’ll work for now. I’m not even talking about a specific tune just an artist. Oh well, let’s get on.

So Luke Friend. X factor 2013 contestant who finished third? The one with the dreads?  Luke has just signed a record deal with RCA and announced his first single ‘Hole in My Heart’. I am very very very excited about this. He was one of, if not,my favourite contestant on that series of X factor. I was pretty devastated he didn’t win, but also happy, because the winners never really go as far. (In my opinion anyway)

So I’ve kept on track of Luke since he finished X factor, I went on the X factor tour, which was INSANELY good! After seeing him live, I decided he’s definitely a performer, like he’s so good with an audience and just got ‘the whole package’. Luke has a pretty unique voice, got quite a husky sound to him which is just incredible. He is definitely going to do well in this so called music industry. My friend also met him when he went on tour with The Vamps, and even got me a little signed poster bless, she said that he was literally one of the nicest genuine guys!

 So the whole point of this post isn’t just to rave on about how much I love Luke Friend, and how much all you guys should love him too, but too try and persuade you guys too check out his music. As he’s insanely talented! So I’m going to leave a few links below for you too check out and let me know what you think!

First link is My Favourite X Factor performance of his:
(this was a very hard choice)

Second link is just my favourite cover of his in general:
(I love the 1975, but whenever I hear this song now, I just hear this version)

Third link is his recent Original he’s released:

I really recommend you check his stuff out, all jokes aside from my crush, He’s an amazing musician/artist. I really hope he does well in his career, and cannot wait to hear the single!
(Out 30th March) (5 days after my birthday) 
So yeah, have a listen, leave me a comment, let me know if you like him as much as me! 
Lots of love

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  1. [ Smiles ] Nice music!


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