I’ve seen so many photo’s of the lush collection for valentines day. So being as this is my first valentines being obsessed with lush, I had to go get myself some goodies. I couldn’t resist after see my Instagram timeline full of lush products! I also bought my mum some goodies but I didn’t get a chance too take photo’s so won’t include them in this post!

First little number I picked up for myself is of course the Unicorn Horn. Anyone who’s anyone would of picked this up i’m sure. Just looking at this makes me feel wonderful and happy inside. Although, I’m not quite sure why I purchased this as it’s a very strong scented lavender smell. And I actually Hate lavender, it gives me the worse migraine possible, so it probably wasn’t my greatest purchase, but I couldn’t walk away from it. It was just calling out my name. 
Secondly I picked up this Heart Throb Bubble Bar. I think this is the prettiest little thing. It’s like a heart shaped macaroon. It’s such a sweet floral smelling bar, and I’m super excited to use it! Hopefully won’t leave me covered in too much glitter!
Just look how red and inviting it looks! 

I also picked myself up a cheeky little Sex Bomb. I’ve previously used this one as it’s not limited edition and I bloody loved it! It creates such a vibrant colour in your water and leaves such a sweet smelling scent which I love! With a hint of Jasmine, which is also a natural aphrodisiac I’m sure this one will be perfect for you loved up couples on the 14th. Although it’s perfect for us singles too… it’s pretty and leaves a cute little flower floating around.
My next purchase was the floating flower! This is such a pretty little bath bomb. I’ve already used this one and I love it! It leaves such pretty colours and patterns in the bath! It’s so thick and moisturising and my skin felt amazing after I used it! 
The last bath product I purchased was this Phoenix Rising. Yeah, I know it’s not part of the valentines collection but I’ve heard so much about it and saw amazing instagram videos so had too pick it up! So many people have said it’s there favourite so I’m scared too use it incase I love it that much I have to wait until I can get to the closest lush store to purchase another! I quite like the cinnamon scent especially in the colder weather so I will definitely use it sooner rather then later! 
Never have I used a lip scrub from Lush, but I saw the Kiss Lip Scrub and it just looked so wonderful I had to buy it. It’s so amazing and my lips feel like heaven after I’ve used it! It’s very sweet tasting and smells lush. Although when I lick my lips out of temptation it’s a bit too tangy.. So I wouldn’t advise eating it. I just couldn’t help myself from tasting it, it smelt too good! Haha! 
Last but not least I picked up this little charity pot at the till! This stuff is amazing, I used a little bit on my hand and my skin has never felt so soft.. I want to go back and buy a massive pot! (I probably will) 

 Really hope you enjoyed reading through this post, and hope it inspired you into buying some products of your own! They’re definitely worth it! Whether it’s for you and your partner, or a little pick me up if your a single bee like me. My valentines day is having a bath all day with all these little products.

Let me know what you think, have you got any of these or are these on your wishlist!
Fill me in on your valentines plans too!

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