Sleek Primer Review

Everyone is always going on about primer. Yet, I’ve never really used it, in fact the first time I did use it was when I got a tiny bottle in a Benefit set I received for Christmas. So I thought I’d give it a try and see what everyone is always on about.
I decided to go for Sleeks Control Shine & Prime as sleek is becoming increasingly more popular and I’ve heard so many good reviews about the brand. It’s also in the average persons price range.
I bought this from boots for £7.99, I admit I expected it too come in a larger bottle then it did, but that’s really the only negative!

Obviously, as I’m a newbie too primer I’m not sure how much I was supposed to use so I just squeezed a little onto the back of my hand!
It’s quite a peachy yellowy colour which at first I was a bit apprehensive about, but it doesn’t actually show a single bit of colour on your face, it applies completely transparent! 
So the main purpose of a primer is to create a clean base layer for you too apply your makeup over, and that’s exactly what this feels like it does! It feels so soft once applied and I genuinely feel like I have a nice new layer of skin too work with! I felt like it really hydrated my skin and made my makeup stay up on a whole lot longer than usual! 
I massively recommend this product, it’s so good and such a good price!
I think this is a start of a beautiful friendship between me and primer!
Let me know if you’ve used it, or planning on it, and what you think!

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  1. leah hawker says:

    this was so helpful! Really wanted to buy this primer as ive ran out of mine, but was so unsure,this has helped that someone recommends it!


  2. Thank you! I'm so glad! I really like it! Definitely give it a shot, even if you don't get on well with it,it won't leave too much of a hole in your pocket! X


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