Cornwall Trip!

So once again I went away for the Easter holidays with all my family. This year we decided to go back to Cornwall but we were more on the south coast. I admit, I had a bit of a sulk as I prefer the north… (better waves to watch surfers) but nevertheless I still had an amazing time!

 We stayed at a Caravan park in Par Sands. The negative was I couldn’t get a single bit of Internet unless I went too the swimming pool and connected too wifi. It was refreshing not constantly being on my phone,but a massive pain when I wanted to look up little things like ‘Monopoly rules’.

Every single night from the Saturday we arrived to the Thursday night before we left My Uncle,Auntie and myself all played Monopoly. The first two nights I lost… (not so gracefully) but for the rest of the week I stormed it and won every single game by a landslide. This is a massive achievement for me, I’m normally bankrupt and out of the game first!

We visited lots of local fishing villages like Fowey and Charlestown which were so beautiful. Charlestown had a little beach surrounded by cliffs and rocks so of course Mum,Ricky (my uncle) and Myself went rock climbing as usual, the views were so pretty and amazing!

 For me though the best part of the holiday was visiting Perranporth beach which is a popular surfing beach. Anyone that knows me will know I love surfing, I can’t do it, even though I’d like too, but I love watching it as it fascinates me. (And lets face it 60% of surfers are pretty damn attractive).

 Even if I did come home a bit sun burnt, I had another amazing holiday with my favourite people, I’m having holiday blues now as my hometown is poop. I’ve included some pictures of my week below if anyone interested! There’s also some post on my Instagram so check them too!

I’m also aware I haven’t posted in a while, i’ve been pretty hectic but I’m hopefully back now!



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