Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set Review;

For a while now I’ve been pining after this Zoeva rose gold brushes! If you’re a makeup lover how can you not be pining after these brushes. They’re such a stunning colour and I’ve heard countless good things about them. I purchased mine from Beauty Bay for £59.95 , I looked around for a bit first but I’m afraid this is the standard price everywhere, but I can say they’re certainly worth it. I was always apprehensive to buy them because of this price, and I’m only on a low wage but when you think about it’s not that bad really? Is it? Or am I just blinded by their beauty?

Within this set you get:

102 Silk Finish – I use this one for my foundation!
106 Powder – I use this one for powdering, believe it or not.
110 Face Shape – I’m still finding a use for this one, any suggestions?
127 Luxe Sheer Cheek – I use this one for my blush, but can also be used for contouring
227 Luxe Soft Definer – I haven’t used this one yet either, however I will probably use it for my eyes and blending!
142 Concealer Buffer – I use this one too blend concealer under my eyes, works a treat!
231 Luxe Petit Crease – I’m also yet too use this, but I will also use this for my eyes, I feel like it’d be really good to get into the crease and the inner corner of you eye for any highlighting!
317 Wing Liner – This one is good for eyebrows or a gel liner!

Obviously it’s all up to your personal preference, these are just what I use them for, you might prefer to use certain ones for aspects of your makeup routine! Let me know if you have these and use them differently too me! I’d like to know what else I could use them for!

The brushes come in a lovely thick bag lined with Rose gold zips and the Zoeva logo. It doesn’t look or feel cheap and feels very sturdy. I put my brushes in this when I went away last week!

As I haven’t used all the brushes yet I’ll just give my general opinion on the set as a whole. There’s nothing more I detest then a flimsy brush that looses all it’s hair with the first application. These certainly don’t do that, from the first look I could tell how thick and sturdy the hairs on the brushes were!

 The brushes are made from synthetic taklon. Synthetic brushes are super versatile and can be used with Liquid,Cream and Powder products without the struggle of them damaging or trying to clean them!  I think the perfect word to describe the hairs are dense. They’re very tightly compact which I personally like most as I feel have more control over applying my makeup. However they’re not too compact that they feel uncomfortable or don’t do the job at hand!

 It took me a while to actually start using them as I didn’t want to remove them from the bag because they looked so pretty and perfect, but I eventually used them and they started to get dirty so of course I cleaned them almost straight away. (That won’t last for long, I’ll give up with cleaning constantly). After cleaning them they went back to as good as new, I can’t say that will happen every time but I don’t expect them too!

 For now there’s nothing negative I can pick out! They are so totally worth the price, Obviously I’d buy the pre-made sets to get the best value for money but that’s up to you! This won’t be the last time I purchase zoeva brushes for sure! I’m so glad I finally purchased them and I do not regret it one bit, well worth the money!

Let me know what you think of them or If you’re going to purchase some in the future!

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