I really really really like this song


I am the biggest sucker for cheesy pop music that I can dance around my bedroom too when in a good mood and getting ready. What’s the latest collection to this playlist of mine? If you hadn’t guessed already it’s Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘ I really like you’. It’s been released in America for a few weeks now but because it had only been released today in the UK I forgot about it. But now, it’s back, it’s on my spotify playlist, and i’m feeling more upbeat then ever.

Remember that really catchy song Call me maybe? Yeah? That was 3 years ago, she’s been gone for 3 years. It’s been too long, but it’s been worth the wait I must admit.

It’s the perfect girly summer song to drive your boyfriends insane, and in my case, my friends. (They’re not really into this kind of pop). I can imagine there will be a lot of tweets slating how cheesy and awful this song is because people are clearly “too cool” to admit that they know the lyrics. and have a little dance to it while stuck in traffic. Let’s face it, it happened with call me maybe, but 3 years later people still sing it, still know it, and still know Carly Rae Jepsen’s name and I’m 99% sure it will happen with this song too. But I openly admit that I love it, and it’ll be on repeat for a pretty long while. It’s good to sing to,dance to,run to, walk to. Overall it’s an all rounder! Good for everything!

It’s a got a catchy 80s pop vibe to it that’s pretty in right now, alongside the likes of Taylor Swift and her 80s pop styled album 1989. (Review here). I think spring 2015 will be owned by this song.

Just like he did with Call Me Maybe, JB has also made a parody video oo this song starring his A-list friends including the likes of Kendall Jenner,Ariana Grande, Alfredo Flores + many more! I’ll leave the link below to that as I really enjoyed it!

Carly’s official music video also has some pretty big starts featuring; such as Tom Hanks :O Bieber himself and King Bach! I’m being honest when I say I don’t understand the concept of the video, but it’s fun and I love the song so y’know!

I’ll leave all the links you need below, hope you enjoyed this little post, please tell me if you like this song as much as me!
Download the single here:

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