Meet The Vamps – Tour Review

So on Friday night I had the pleasure of going to The Vamps tour in Birmingham at the Genting Arena. Now being completely honest, I was a little apprehensive at first. I’ve loved their music for a while I think their album songs are brilliant, but I’ve always had my doubts on how well they are live from the few negative reviews I had heard.  So I was excited to finally be able to form my own opinion on them.

 For me personally, they exceed all my expectations. As to be expected from my one direction ‘fan girl’ days, I have a very high standard when it comes to ‘boybands’ (don’t hate me for calling them a boyband). But they definitely met my standards as they were brilliant! They sounded just as good as I hoped they would sound if not better.

 This tour was a completely new experience for me. I’ve always been right amongst the masses of fans screaming and dancing while wearing the newest merchandise, however this time I was watching from the sidelines and it was amazing to see how the band, and their fans bounce of each other!

 The boys started the show with their major hit Wild heart which got everyone up on their feet and dancing straight away. The show wasn’t just their album however… they mixed it up with the best cover mash up you could think off with some of my favourite songs such as; Uptown Funk,Shake it off and We can’t stop!

 The boys included a lovely segment into the show that I’ve never seen done before where each of them showcased their talents by doing a little solo each. With Tristan doing an insane drum solo, Connor doing a cover of Sum 41s ‘In Too Deep’, James singing ‘Move My Way’ (the song he wrote for the vamps) and Brad finishing off with a piano Solo. Very cute segment.

 After all that excitement it then transitioned into everything The Vamps again. Performing some of their catchiest songs such as ‘LoveStruck’, ‘Girls on Tv’ and ‘Oh Cecilia’. The boys finished their show off with an encore of ‘Risk It All’ and finally (after a few technical difficulties)  ‘Can We Dance’ which everyone had a good sing song to.

 But of course… this was their last show of the UK tour, so nothing ever goes smoothly on the last show does it? Throughout the course of the night the boys had some visitors on stage prancing around them.

During James’ ‘Move My Way’ performance The Tide (one of their support acts) came on stage dressed as hippopotamuses and did a little dance around him!

During Connors Solo, the majority of the crew dressed as star wars characters and ran around him!

The best and last guests on the stage were their dads. The boys invited their dads up on stage to sing a little cover of One Directions’ ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. (I think they’re all in competition to take Zayns’ place). I thought this was a really lovely feature to the show!

Overall I really enjoyed myself and I would 100% go see them live again. I’m also mega excited to hear their new album that’s out on the 27th November!

Obviously as I was right at the back I didn’t get any high quality photo’s but I thought i’d throw them into liven this post up abit! 🙂

Lots of love

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  1. I went to see the boys in Liverpool a few weeks ago and they were absolutely amazing! Xx


  2. They were so good, I haven't stopped listening to the album since! Definitely going to go again! 🙂 xx


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