Mini Mac Haul.

So the Autumn/Winter season is here which only means one thing… New Makeup! I’m not sure about you guys but I LOVE going out and buying new autumnal makeup to play around with at this time of year.

 I’ve had a few things on my Mac Wishlist for a while now, so with a bit of spare cash after working some extra shifts I though I would finally treat myself!

On the top of my list are two Mac Eye shadows. The first one being Coppering and the second being Amber Lights. They’re both very autumnal and I have wore them every day since purchasing. Never been a massive eye shadow lover, but these have made me reconsider. I’m already deciding on which to get next! They’re both incredibly pigmented and leave such an amazing rich colour on my lids. Perfect for an everyday look, or versatile enough to make into a night out look by adding big lashes and lots of liner!

The next two on my list are a bit of a duo. I really wanted a dark rich colour for this season so I literally did so much research on which Mac colour I should get. (I stalked a lot of hashtags on instagram!) I finally decided on Diva. Of course, I had to buy a lip liner to go hand in hand with it. Can’t buy one without the other right?  So I picked up the Burgundy Lip Liner! 
The two go so well together, and I’ve never been more impressed. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to lip colour, I always stick with a classic nude. This combo has completely changed my attitude towards lip colour. I had so many of my friends ask me what colour it was I was wearing and they loved it! So if you’re looking to get a new colour for Autumn/Winter then I highly recommend Diva. It is a matte, but it lasts so long. It lasted the duration of my One Direction concert, including travel there and back. Also managed to eat a McDonalds too! That’s pretty impressive for me!
The quality of the photo is pants, but this is me wearing MAC Diva, with Burgundy Lip Liner! 
Lots of love

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