Blogmas Day 3: You got that Red Lip Classic…

I never put myself down as a girl who could pull of a red lip. I’ve tried it multiple times with the few red lipsticks I have and I just thought it looked awful. However that being said while I was in the MAC store I thought I’d buy a red lipstick and liner for the sake it. Well, I was secretly hoping that MAC would be the answer to my prayers and let me rock a red lip.

 After intensive research I decided I would go for the Russian Red Matte Lipstick. I expected it to be quite dry on my lips as I have tried the ruby woo and I felt that was dry on my lips too. However I was completely wrong, despite it being a matte it’s so creamy and moisturising and super pigmented. ( I have a horrible cold at the moment so my lips are horrifically dry and it made them feel great). It’s a true red colour and has a blue undertone which I love as it makes my teeth look 10x whiter! (Huge bonus).

 I bought the Redd Lipliner to go with it and it seriously is the perfect pairing. If you want the ‘Perfect Red Lip’ then this is the combo to use! I’m guilty of overlining my lips and the colours blend so well that you can’t even notice!

 I applied it first thing in the morning and it lasted all day, even through eating and drinking. If a lipstick can withstand food and drink then it’s a 10/10 for me! I also kissed my little cousin on the forehead and went to go reapply to find out that I didn’t actually need to.

So MAC definitely won me over on this one and I think I might be rocking a strong red lip for a long time coming! I definitely recommend both of these products so if you’re thinking of converting to a red lip then try these two out!

Let me know if you’ve used this lipstick and what you think of it! 
Chlobo xo

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  1. Layla H says:

    I think MAC really are the kings of lipstick. So many lipsticks leave my lips dry and cracked, but MAC are the tits! I used to wear their signature 'MAC Red' all the time, and I loved the blue undertone it had! It worked best with Mac 'Cherry' lip liner. I haven't tried Russian Red, but I know Madonna used it on her Blonde Ambition tour, and it looks really classic. Gorgouse pictures btw too! 😉 xoxo


  2. They really are, they're definitely all they're cracked up to be thats for sure! No way! I never knew that. I might have to try the combo you use! Thank you xxx


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