Blogmas Day 8: The Christmas Tag!

            I have never ever done a tag before, so here it goes, spilling the beans on all my christmas festivities!

1) Favourite Christmas Movie:
    Elf or Love Actually
2) Favourite Festive Food:
   The whole christmas dinner? Mainly the Yorkshire puddings, but their not really festive, I have them every sunday….
3) Christmas Eve Tradition:
 We don’t do it so much now we’re a lot older but when we were younger my gramps used to take me and my sister to the cinema for the day while my mum and nan got everything organised. Me and my sister usually do it by ourselves now, my gramps is too deaf to sit through the cinema, haha. I love going too midnight mass with my sister too, that’s a new tradition!
4) Best part of Christmas:
I love the build up to christmas, I love how even strangers on the street are in the same festive spirit as you. The best part for me though is boxing day, we have ALL the family at my house and swap presents and eat and it’s great.
5) Real or Fake Tree? 
 I love a Real tree, I love the smell. We have one fake and one real at the moment, we have a fake one in our dining room and real in the living room!
6) Presents in the morning or in the evening?
Morning, definitely! I used to wake up at like 5am in the morning and wake my parents up, but never really went down till half 5. My body clock still wakes me up at 5am every christmas but I don’t normally get up now till like 6:30/7am. That won’t ever change, It’s more exciting when it’s early, makes me feel like a kid again!
7) Favourite part of Christmas Day:
The evening, mum dad and me all walk round to my nans and we have a late supper and play stupid games, it’s lots of fun!
8) Favourite Present(s):
I’ve always been really lucky and mum always tried to get me what I asked for, I love when I get something that I wasn’t expecting and it’s been really thought through!
9) Favourite Christmas Song:
This is so hard, I even wrote a post previously about it. I can’t narrow it down to one, erm maybe East 17? Stay another day?

10) Favourite Reindeer:
Rudolph, obvs. I loved the film, used to watch it like everyday of December when I was younger. Definitely Rudolph.
Hope you enjoyed finding out some christmassy stuff about me.
Chlobo xx

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Molly Mac says:

    Love Actually is my fave holiday film, too! Lovely post, Chloe! Your blog is really lovely, as well! Just followed! Would love for you to stop by my blog! 🙂


  2. aw thank you so much! I love that film so much. I watch it even when it's not christmas sometimes haha! X


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