Blogmas Day 9: Perfect for the party season!

Now I wouldn’t say I’m the type of girl that’s a dressy up kind of person. Mainly because I don’t ever go anywhere nice enough to wear a full glammed up outfit, and I’m not really a dress person either to be honest. However, when it comes to Christmas, I make the exception. I was browsing through ASOS looking for a new party dress and came across some really lovely ones that caught my eye, so why not blog about them?

First up is this beautiful Rainbow metallic shift dress, the pattern normally would be a bit too out there for me but I fell in love with this straight away. You’ll soon see that my main preference is black so for me to like something with a lot of colour on is very strange.

Secondly is this Velvet Skater dress with a high neck, that also has a lace up front. I love love love high necks at the moment. I just can’t get enough of them, but this wasn’t what caught my eye, I love the lace up detail on the front. I’ve seen so many people rocking the lace up top but never thought it was for me, but I really love this. 
This next one is a playsuit. You can’t go wrong with a playsuit, it’s always my go to. You’re more likely to catch me in a playsuit then a dress. I love all the embellishments on it and I think they make for a perfect party outfit, everyone needs some sparkle around Christmas right? My only downside is that you have to get practically naked every time you need a wee, and around this time of year, it’s bloody freezing. So, not very practical when you’re someone who’s always cold… and always needs a wee after a few drinks. Still, it is such a beautiful playsuit, I think it’s worth the hassle.

Next, is this embellished grid shift dress. Another black item, but it has sparkle, and what did I say about sparkle? I love how shift dresses sit on me, they’re so comfortable, but sometimes not practical in the wind. Once again I love the neck line, I like that it’s not too high, but it’s not low cut either. I’m a bit wary whether the sleeves would irritate me or even worse if they’re thin enough to rip easily if it gets caught on something.

Lastly is this 60s high neck style shift dress with eyelet detail. Quite a simple black dress that hangs really lovely yet still eye catching enough with it’s eyelet detail. Love the high neck and love love the detailing on the dress. It’s not too much? Wouldn’t feel too over dressed wearing it, but it’s still lovely enough to wear for your xmas party! 
I’m very tempted to treat myself to one of these but my search isn’t over yet, going to carry on browsing the internet and see what there is to offer, let me know if you have any suggestions for good clothing websites.
Chlobo xx

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