Blogmas Day 10: High necks

This season I am really loving high necks/turtle necks, whatever your choice of name for them is. Literally can’t get enough of them. I picked up two from Primark a few weeks ago and they are amazing. They were around £8 ish, so definitely worth going to have a look. Normally I’m a bit worried when it comes to some of their clothes as they can be see through or just generally unflattering but they’re so far from it. Really comfy, really thick and just really good quality for a good price. Really want to go pick up some more.

 They’re really easy to pair with anything, match it with a cute high waisted skirt, or even just a pair of high waisted jeans. I love wearing mind under my pinafore’s. I also wear mine to work so often at the moment under a big thick jumper as my work place is freeeezing.

This is how excited I get when wearing high necks.

What do you all think of high necks and what are you pairing them with?
Chlobo xx

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