Blogmas Day 12: 5 Boots presents for Boys.

If you’re anything like me than you really struggle with buying Christmas gifts for boys. I find it near in possible. So I thought I’d put a few little gift ideas together that might be of help. They’re all from boots as I find you can’t go wrong with boots when you’re struggling. There’s always one close and there’s always great deals and really good stuff.

1) Nandos Table Trio

For the Chef.

This is only £12.50, and you can’t go wrong with nandos. Any young lad would like this because let’s face it ‘cheeky nandos’ became a massive thing this year didn’t it. I don’t think this present would be a bad idea for a dad either, if they love to cook that is.
2) Boots Remote Control Helicopter

For the young at heart one.
This would be such a good idea for a male at any age. A younger brother, an older uncle. I bought this for my uncle last year actually and he loved it. If they’re obsessed with motors or just has a young heart, you’re onto a sure winner! This is £25.00. 
3) World Lagers Selection

For the drinker.
£10.00 for 4 different lagers from across the world. As long as they’re 18+ and they like a drink, well beer, then you can’t go wrong with this. Saves someone a couple of quid at Christmas, instead of buying themselves drinks for Christmas, you’ve bought some for them. Presented in a really nice, vintage looking gift set. 
4) Reiss lll Luxury Collection 
For the classic gentleman. 
Bit more of a luxury item this but still only £35.00. Lovely set for any age really, just anyone who likes smelling and feeling great. Which I hope is pretty much everyone. Reiss is a really top brand, there stuff is so nice, so this gift would make any man happy! The box really excites me most if i’m honest, it’s all really well presented and just looks so luxurious. 
5) Salt and Worth Fishing Tool

For the Fisherman
I’m no fisherman, but this seems like a pretty handy piece of kit to have if you do fish. I’m not sure what price fishing gear normally goes for but this is £15 so it seems like a fair deal to me. I’d say it’s for a grandad but I know a lot of guys around my age that love fishing too. So I think this is another all rounder, suitable for any age, as long as they like fishing. It’d be pretty useless if you bought it for someone who doesn’t fish, let’s face it… 
Hope this gave you a few ideas on what to get, as I’m hopeless at buying for the opposite sex. I feel the need to apologise every time I buy a male something. I hope I’m not the only one who struggles.
Chlobo xx

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