Blogmas Day 13: Christmas Pyjama Wishlist!

My favourite thing to do around Christmas is curl up downstairs in front of the tree, and the coal fire with a Christmas movie and lounging in some really comfy Christmas pyjamas. I don’t think I’m the only one who likes doing this either…

 Now I can’t even guess how many pairs of Christmas pj’s I have, because I have far too many but I love having at least one new pair every year. ( If I’m being honest I end up with way more). So while spending my Sunday doing some online shopping I came across some really beaut pyjamas and thought I’d compile a wish list of all my favourites.

I love sleeping in really oversized shirts, they’re just so so comfy. Paired with some really long warm knee high socks. It’s a perfectly good tumblr/instragam pairing. I do have a shirt from primark, but it’s really low cut and I don’t quite like that, so this one would probably be more suited for me.

Once again this is another night shirt, but a t-shirt. I live in oversized t-shirts and this one is super festive. Not to mention I love penguins, I asked for one numerous times when I was younger but erm, never got one. Once again would be cute with some knee high socks, keep your legs warm, and you know, perfect photo opp. 

These are SO cute. I love short sets. I prefer to be cold and get warm then be too hot and get all flustered. So when I saw these I just felt in love, look at them christmas puddings! Why wouldn’t you want to wear these around the house. They just look so cute, and I’ve also heard so many good things about Chelsea Peers, so these are also a must have!

Nothing says christmas like the coca-cola advert right? These to me just scream christmas. In fact my mum would LOVE these… I might actually purchase these for her. The bottoms are actually cuffed which I like in a pj bottom. I have super short legs so if they’re not cuffed they just drag on the floor and irritate me.

This is definitely my favourite pyjama set out of all of these. Very christmassy and they look so comfy! I like that the top is a vest, because I do sometimes feel all like restricted in some pyjamas and I want to be as comfy as possible. The bottoms are cuffed also, and they’re grey, I’m obsessed with the colour grey at the moment. So an all round winner for me!
So these are on my wishlist for this christmas, quite a variety of styles also. What’s on yours?
Chlobo xx

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