Blogmas Day 14: Kids at Christmas

I have so many kids in the family, that I love endless amounts. But at Christmas they’re very excitable, as you can imagine, and when there’s 4 of them all in a small house, and they’re all toddlers. (Apart from a 10 year old), you can imagine it’s quite a handful. So I came up with a few Christmas themed ideas of what you can do with the around this time of year.

1) The inevitable. Take them to see Santa. Nearly every shopping centre, garden centre, practically everywhere, will have a Santa. There’s bound to be one near, and it gets you in the Christmas spirit aswell. Unless you have a nephew like mine, who is ‘scared of santa’ then this is a brilliant idea. They normally get a little selection box or treat which is also a cute little extra.

2) Go to a Panto. I’ve only ever been to one when I was little which makes me a little sad. Most kids love them, they love being involved and it’s something completely different to do that they wouldn’t do all the time. You could even make it a Christmas tradition.

3) Christmas Baking. We all love baking, and we all love eating the baked goods after. I have never met a child who doesn’t like baking. So give them a few eggs, a little bit of green and red food colouring, and handful of Christmas sprinkles and tah dah, They’re well and truly occupied and content. Until they start arguing about who’s turn it is to ‘mix the mixture’.

4) Rice filled snowman. You definitely read this right. I did it the other week. You basically get some socks, get some rice, fill it up, tie it, decorate it and you have a snowman. Cute little decoration and so much fun. Seriously, so much fun. Us adults had more fun than the children. 🙂 I’ll leave the link to the youtube video tutorial we watched!

5) Make your own christmas decorations. We all used to do it in primary school and there skills that we will forever carry with us. I used them today in fact! Snowflakes and paper chains. Still to this day I have so much fun making them, and they are so easy to create. Little bit messy, but where’s the fun if you’re not making a mess.

So if you’re like me and stuck babysitting while they’re on their school holidays, or you have little ones of your own, then here are some pretty cool stuff you can get up to!
Chlobo xx

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