Blogmas Day 15: Beauty UK, ultimate contour palette review.

So I got this a while back and I’m so obsessed with it. I always wanted a cream contour kit so I thought I’d try this out, reasonably priced as well at £4.99, so I didn’t see no harm in giving it a try.

The palette comes with three different shades. Contour, Bronze and Highlight. The pans are pretty shallow so it doesn’t last long if you use it excessively like me, but at £4.99 you can’t really complain! The packaging is a little bit of a let down, nothing special and a bit flimsy. It seals with a magnetic lid so at least that’s something. On the back of the packaging there’s a little guide on how to use this kit which is a really cute idea for contour newbies!

I love the contour cream, it’s my favourite out of the three, it’s such a nice shade.  I don’t find it too orange or warm so it’s perfect for creating the illusion of a shadow. I do find the bronze to have a pretty orange tone to it, so if you have warm undertones than it’d be perfect for you. If I’m honest I don’t use it that much, I much prefer a powder bronzer I just feel I can get a better shade of bronze by using that. But I do like to be pretty bronzed so that’s why, the browner the better. It’s still good nevertheless. The highlighter is a warm cream shade with no shimmer to it whatsoever. I apply the contour with a real techniques flat foundation brush just because it’s the first thing I picked up at the time so I’ve stuck with it, pretty simple really. I just use it to draw the contour line and then use a beauty blender to blend it in.

 As I said the contour is my favourite, It’s nearly all gone, so that’s why I didn’t take my own photo of it, haha. The bronze is good but for me it just doesn’t suit my personal preferences. The highlight is also good, but considering it’s basically the same colour as my foundation (pale girl probs) it doesn’t do as good as job as I want, if you have a darker skin tone than I do (which isn’t hard) than it’ll be perfect.

 For a drugstore contour kit I am really impressed and I do recommend it. Especially if you’re new to contouring or new to cream contour at least. I will be buying it again because for the price, it does a pretty good job.

I don’t really know of any other reputable cream contours at a good price or any price really, as this was the first one I was introduced to. So please leave suggestions as I’d love to try more.

Chlobo xx

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