Review: Nick Jonas – Last Year Was Complicated.

I haven’t wrote a blog post in a very long time, since 31st December 2015 to be exact (explaining why would be a post on it’s own) anddd It’s been even longer since I have written a Music Review.
Let’s cut to the chase, I love this album. So much that it’s made me start blogging again. Which means it has to be good right?! Although I admit I’m probably a little bit biased because I fancy the pants of Nick Jonas but putting that aside, this album is pretty special.
I get bored of music so easily because I listen to it so much, like so much. In the morning, at work, after work, in the evening, in the car.  So sometimes I overdo an album, artist or playlist so much that I get bored and frustrated. I was at work on a Friday morning feeling frustrated when I suddenly remembered that Nick J was supposed to be realising an album that day, so of course I stopped what I was doing, checked Spotify and to my delight there it was… “Last Year Was Complicated”.
My first impression was “I feel ya nick, last year was complicated for me too.” So I already knew that I had a connection to this album, we both had a sh*t 2015. I sort of already had an idea in my head of what this album was going to be like. After the success he had last year with hits such as Jealous” “Levels” and “ChainsI expected a very pop heavy album. I was wrong, very very wrong.

When Nick first started writing this album he had an idea what it would be about, but then his very public breakup happened and that’s when it all changed. That’s when he knew what this would be about, a very real relationship that ended in heartbreak. This whole album tells the story of this relationship and I have never heard a breakup album like it. Nick somehow manages to tell this story in such a way that makes me feel I was apart of it. Like I witnessed this breakup on a first hand basis. I’ve never known an Artist to be so open and honest with his fans through lyrics. In songs such as “Chainsaw” and “Unhinged” is where Nick becomes most vulnerable. Probably two of his most personal, raw songs that really tell a story and let us into Nicks head.

Now let’s be honest, I’m not a music expert. I don’t know what makes an album “great”, I can’t dissect the production values of it. But I can say my opinion on it, as a fan, as someone who loves music. I love when music makes me feel something. Don’t get me wrong I love a good a pop song that doesn’t have obvious meanings to it, but when music makes feel something and I can see the vulnerability in the Artist it makes me appreciate it a little bit more. This is exactly what Nick does, reliving a difficult time of your life and exposing it to the whole world to scrutinise takes balls. So for that reason I would honestly rate this album like a strong 8/10.

Jonas Brothers was the starting point of Nicks career, but I think it’s about time we forget about that band because Nick is now a solo artist in his own right and he deserves credit for that. Even if this is not your usual type of music, I urge you to give it a listen, because it is an amazing, honest album and I can guarantee there will be at least one song on there that will hit you right in the heart. I would also like to point out that it’s been 12 days since the album release, and I’m still not bored of it.

Favourite Tracks: Chainsaw, Unhinged and Bacon.
Would I recommend it: 100% yes.
Songs to sing in the shower: Touch, Jealous, Bacon, Unhinged, Chainsaw.

Let me know what you make of the album and what your favourite tracks are.
Chlobo xx
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