Kylie Lip Kits – Are they worth it?

So, Unless you’ve been living under rock for the past 9 months you will have heard of “Kylie Lip Kits”. The lip products “made” and released by Kylie Jenner. There has been the biggest hype around these lip kits since the very first release. Only just, are they slowly taking longer and longer to sell out. Is the hype dying down? Or has everyone who wants one now got one?

I obviously jumped on the bandwagon because first of all they look amazing, the packaging is incredible. The reviews were (initially) positive. I also, admittedly, love the Kardashians/Jenners.

I bought these lip kits back in February so it’s given me a good 4 months to form an opinion on them. My opinion is coming from someone who loves makeup and loves lip products. Not someone who is obsessed with the brand name.

My first impressions were very positive, as I said I loved the packaging, I love the little postcard and the box it came in. From an aesthetically pleasing side of things I give it a strong 8/10. The actual containers the liquid comes in looks a little cheap, but it fits with the vibe so I can’t knock it too much.

The smell. The smell is lush. I didn’t expect to notice a smell, I don’t often smell my makeup products. They smell like them strawberry liquorice lace things? I think its them, the long red sweets with a white centre? So that’s a bonus I suppose. Considering it stays on your lips for an insane amount of time, you don’t want it to taste/smell awful really do you?

Now, the actual product. I have tried a lot of liquid lipsticks and this is by far the best. Like seriously. The staying power is ridiculous. I’ve never know anything like it. You can eat, drink, kiss, do whatever and not have to worry about running to the bathroom to reapply. Obviously it depends on what you eat, but the majority of foods are covered. All liquid lipsticks are drying to a certain extent, and although these are more drying than I thought they’d be, they’re not the worst. When they do eventually start to dry more and flake, they actually fade nicely. They don’t leave that horrific looking line on your lips that make you look like you’ve only put on lipliner and that’s it. (We allll know the look I’m on about).
The Formula. This is what got everyone talking, because they’ve been made in the same factory as colour pop everyone thinks they’re just colour pop formula with the Kylie name. Now I’ve never tried any of the colour pop products but I’m sure this is not the case. They would never get away with it and the Kardashians are smart enough to know that. The actual formula though, is very thin and light but extremely pigmented. You could probably get away with just one layer, done.
From L/R: Dolce K, 22, Koko K, Posie K.
The lip liner is probably my favourite lip liner to date. It’s so creamy and easy to apply which is all I ask for when looking for a liner. I also love when you can wear a liner on it’s own without a lipstick on top. Guess what? With these ones you can, they’re so pigmented you don’t even need the lipstick on top.
It’s a pricey purchase I’ll be honest. The lip kits are $29 each, with $14 shipping and then potentially a custom charge. (I had a £13 customs charge, urgh.) But If you use them as much as I do it’s well worth it.
I honestly love these lip kits, I can’t remember the last time I picked up one of my MAC lipsticks, or any lipstick for that matter. I will continue buying into the franchise for as long as she brings out colours I like.
 I’ve recently ordered more but I’ll save that for another post…
Any guesses on what I purchased?
Let me know what you make of the Kylie Hype and if you’ve bought into it!
Lots of love




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  1. great review! have been dying to try this product customs charges are a bummer tho! xo


  2. The custom charges really put me off. They sent me the wrong product once and I thought i'd have to pay a custom fee again. Luckily they sent it me like 1st class so I didn't. Wish they'd do that for all products though! X


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